C3 Authoring Tools

We’ve been busy unpacking our boxes after the move to RhythmVerse. It’s taken a little while, but we’ve finally found the box with the C3 Authoring Tools!

Downloads and external links are below:

C3 Downloads

Rock Band Network Tools (Installs RBN Preview plugin for REAPER, key maps, and color maps).

Rock Band Network Preview plugin x64 (64-bit RBN Preview Plugin).

Custom Tools (Includes the C3 Custom RB3 template, MIDI note names, count-in audio samples, and more).

Magma (Custom song compiler).

Audio To MIDI Track Template (Convert audio to MIDI notes).

GuitarFrets.txt (Adds fret numbers to the guitar and bass templates for character animation).

External Links

REAPER version 4.22 (32-bit) (Version 4.22 is the recommended version).

Python 2.7.x (Required for CAT).

C3 Automation Tools (CAT) (A collection of scripts that automate tasks in REAPER).

.NET Framework 4.x (Required by Nautilus and Magma C3).

Nautilus (A complete set of tools for managing custom song files).

cPlayer (Preview custom song files).

Onyx (Toolkit for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Clone Hero, and other similar rhythm games).

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (Required by Nautilus to convert customs to the PS3).

Visual C++ 2010 (Required by Nautilus).

Tux Guitar (Convert guitar pro files to MIDI).

Venuegen (Venue authoring tool (Requires Python 2.x)).

Lyric Hyphenator (Hyphenate lyrics for vocals and harmonies).

W1 Limiter (Audio plugin used for consistent audio volume).

Audio Separation

Miniconda (Required for command line versions of Demucs and Spleeter).

Guitar Hero GUI for Demucs (GUI for Demucs (includes 4 lane AI drum stems).

Universal Vocal Remover (GUI for Demucs (includes Ensemble Mode)).

MVSEP (Online vocal and music separation).

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