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The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project – You Were Only Waiting For This Moment To Arise

Welcome to our first release of 2021! While the last year may not have been great for many of you, we hope that the first year of the project helped bring you plenty of enjoyment. Over the next year we hope to bring you many more great experiences within The Beatles: Rock Band.

Let’s kick off the year with “Blackbird”


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Blackbird” was written by Paul after seeing the struggles experienced by women of color during the civil rights movement. The song’s lyrics are intended to be inspirational, carrying the message “don’t give up, there is hope”. During production, the song’s lyrics evolved into Blackbird, with the bird acting symbolic to the listener. This change meant the song could apply to any issues experienced in life. The guitar part was inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s composition “Bouree in E Minor”, a piece in which both Paul and George had both learned to play as children.


As always, we encourage you to check out our Discord over at The discord enables you to follow the project, interact with similar minded fans and join a community of over 1400 TBRB fans.

We also invite you to check out our YouTube channel over at, which serves as an archive for our project, allowing you to see the past, present and future of the project.

Happy new year from The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project!

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  1. Thanks for everything you all did for making this possible, i have a huge suggestion, could you guys make a patch or a hack to make possible the auto kick in Rock Band 3 and The Beatles Rock Band?

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