Catedrales in Rock Band

Catedrales is an independent Mexican band from Monterrey

Catedrales is one of the ways we cope with the disillusionment of time, the disenchantment of the world. It was born from the inevitable boredom of the Monterrey middle class, apathy and the heartbreaking and incessant search for something true. Catedrales

With the singles of this band, this is Catedrales:

Todas Mis Noches Son Las Mismas

Todas Mis Noches Son Las Mismas is now available everywhere (July 6, 2019), hope something stays with you. Catedrales

  1. No Existo
  2. Lejos
  3. Volver
  4. Todas Mis Noches Son Las Mismas

Las Cosas Que Odias

  1. Paris, Tejas
  2. Las Cosas Que Odias

Algo Me Esta Matando

Custom song

Bebiendo Y Conduciendo

Custom song

Nadie Decia Nada

Custom song

Solo (revisitada)

Custom song

Ruido Vecino

  1. Algo Me Esta Matando (Live)
  2. La Chica De Humo Cover (Live)

Las Cosas Que Odias (Live, desde el Sótano)

Custom song

I am very excited to be able to end the year closing with content from this great band, which has been my favorite band of 2021, I hope you can enjoy this content, and listen to this music and that it is to your liking.

More about Catedrales here

Catedrales are:
– Joséle Garza: Voice, Rhythm guitar, Keys
– Antonio Soto: Lead guitar
– Xarlie: Bass
– Diego Lozano: Drums

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