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Are you an author who wants to have creative content on how the songs you create are presented to the public? Are you a streamer who wants to get a space? Are you a fan of the genre who wants to post articles and features? Well, become a Contributor today!

All you have to do is register, if you haven’t already, and request to be added as a Contributor by posting a request in the comments section below. Once you do so, an admin will take care of giving you the proper role. Once you’re a Contributor you have to login using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) using a free app for your phone.

Start now by by posting a request in the comments section below!


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  2. Hello everyone, I would like to become a contributor, actually I’ve tried a section on the page thrice where it says to apply to become an author but it seems it doesn’t do a thing, not sure if I’m actually following the right process, kindly let me know on this. Thanks in advance.

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