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So you’re an author and you want to share your work with the world: that’s great! You can do so by using C3 Universe, C3’s proprietary platform that lets you upload content and share it, and that includes C3DB, the first and only multiplatform customs database.

Login to C3U

The first simple step in this process is to login to C3U at Use the username you have used to register at RGW. Your token can be found by click on the link at the bottom of every RGW page

Request an author account

Once you have logged in, if you’re not an author yet, request an author account by clicking on Apply to Become an Author.

Request space if you need it

You can now upload content to C3DB. If you want to use C3U to host your files, you can request space by clicking on the red button.

All done, start sharing!


      1. there’s no red “Apply to become author” button, which was next on the “Songs DB” ~ and i’m still unverified…



        it’s been 2 years i’ve been struggling with this ~ but Mr. FujiSkunk refreshed my account i think, but the error still exists, there’s nothing around…

  1. Hello everyone, I would like to become an author, actually I’ve tried a section on the page thrice where it says to apply to become an author but it seems it doesn’t do a thing, not sure if I’m actually following the right process, I have given it some time as well but I don’t see any news about it, kindly let me know on this. Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m posting in Discord and getting no resolution there. I’ve authored about 17 songs already, and I’d like to author more songs, but I can’t get a working token for RhythmVerse to continue my account. Can anyone help? Does this site still want established authors uploading new songs or not?

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