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One of the most celebrated singer/songwriters of his generation, John Prine was a master storyteller whose work was often witty and always heartfelt, frequently offering a sly but sincere reflection of his Midwestern roots, writing about the lives of ordinary people in a remarkable and perceptive way. Quite a while ago, for one of the old Chart-a-thons, I released a pack of 8 classics by the legendary songwriter. But we need more, and I’m happy to bring you more. So this time, 6 more songs from the man John Prine! An absolutely classic songwriter.

John Prine’s debut album is one of the great debuts in history. Today, it reads almost like a collection of standards – with so many timeless songs that have become so essential in folk and country history. The previous pack included 4 great songs from this record, but this is nowhere near enough, so I’m ready to add 2 more – the whimsical and playful country anthem “Spanish Pipedream”, which advises you to blow away the TV and move to the country. And the timeless “Paradise”, A sentimental recollection of home that’s also an unsparing description of predatory capitalist devastation, Prine’s ode to the tiny mining town in Western Kentucky where his parents met, which was later bought down and strip-mined by a coal company.

Next up, a pair of great tunes from the underrated “Sweet Revenge”, released in 1973. “Blue Umbrella” is a classic breakup ballad, captures the bittersweet longing of love lost and the hope of redemption, and an immensely pretty song (with some cool lead guitar too). On the flip side, “Grandpa Was a Carpenter” is an upbeat, fun, groovy country tune, full of nostalgia for Prine’s republican (“Voted for Eisenhower ’cause Lincoln won the war”) and loving grandpa, an ode to the unsung heroes of the working class celebrates the simple joys of life and the enduring legacy of family.

And finally, two more tunes – the fun and groovy “There She Goes” from 1998’s “Bruised Orange”, with some super cool lead guitars. And finally, a jump to 1991’s “The Missing Years”, for the bittersweet goodbye song of “All the Best”, another one of Prine’s beautiful songs, in which he says goodbye to his former lover and tries to wish her all the best in her journey.

That’s it for today! If you like John Prine, make sure you don’t miss out on the 8 tracks already on the database! And see you again soon!

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