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12 Days of Chartmas 2022 Day 4 Slot 1: 3 Singles; Brown, Who & Thorogood!

I bring forth 3 singles with no connecting themes! Maybe they’re all old? Does that count as a theme? Either way, enjoy the tracks!


A long time awaiting this one and a long time to chart as well, enjoy this awesome Classic Rock/Blues guitar track!

Essentially 8 minutes of guitar solo, this one features a challenging rhythm for Drums and Bass to keep up with. (Make sure to turn up crowd audio on for this one)

laSg14, RubyDanger – Initial Guitar, Tempo map, Project files.
CapnKris22 – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vox, Venue.


After seeing The Who live earlier this year it flabbergasted me that 1: They didn’t play Squeeze Box, and 2: That it hadn’t been charted yet.

A short but extremely fun song to play, this one is a blast for the whole band to enjoy, one of The Who’s most upbeat all-together songs.

FujiSkunk – Harmony fixes, Playtesting.


One of my planned (Original Version)’s, James Brown’s classic is brought into Rock Band 3! Although I do love the version present in Rock Band 3 I consider it to be essentially a different song to the original.

Pretty simple stuff here instrument wise, not too complicated to enjoy with a group except for the vocalist who will be singing their heart out.

Fujiskunk – Playtesting

Next up is a large variety of songs from our next contributor!

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