The SpinShare Winter 2021 SpeenOpen is Here!

‘Tis the season to be speening! Welcome to the SpinShare Winter 2021 SpeenOpen, a 32-player tournament where players go head-to-head and speen to win it all!

If you are not familiar with what SpinShare is, follow this link to learn more.

What is the SpinShare SpeenOpen?

The SpinShare SpeenOpen, as stated before, is a seasonal 32-player tournament for the game Spin Rhythm XD. It has two phases: qualifier brackets and the playoffs.

In the first phase, there are 8 single-elimination brackets with 3 matches each; the winner of each bracket move on to the second phase. The second phase is a double-elimination 8-player bracket, held a week after the qualifiers. In this phase, players have a second chance to win it all if they lose: the losers bracket will be even harder to get out of, though!

After finalizing the losers bracket, the winner of both brackets go against each other in a Best of 9 grand finals match, playing some of the hardest charts the community has to offer!

Finally, following the finale of the tournament, we distribute the prize pool to those who made it to the playoffs and to two random participants.

How about the map pool?

SSSO playlist screenshot
The SSSO playlist on the website.

The map pool is massive, clocking at about 182 charts! Covering a range from 20 to 60 on the difficulty scale we regularly adjust, it’s a diverse pool full of EDM and even rock and metal! With 32 charters contributing to the map pool, it also covers many charting styles. For more information on the maps that are in the pool and what rounds they cover, here’s a link.

Downloading all 182 charts seems like a daunting task, but no worries! In preparation for that, the lead dev at SpinShare added a menu option to the client called WarpZone. This WarpZone allows you to download every chart all at once, and it even checks if you have an outdated copy of the chart! You can find this WarpZone in the Tournament Hub section in Settings (click on the cog in the upper-right corner).

For more information on the tournament, here’s the Toornament page. If you also want to read about smb’s predictions on the qualifier matchups, follow this link!


One of the main community managers/tournament organizers at SpinShare. Also somewhat decent at charting for RB3.

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