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The SpinShare community is a steadily growing customs community based around the game Spin Rhythm XD, a new rhythm game that takes inspiration from Rock Band and similar rhythm games to create an entirely new experience, with the game design being based around a standard DJ MIDI turntable.

Howdy, I’m TheWay123 and I’m one of the community managers of SpinShare. I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring this community to Rhythm Gaming World; hopefully, the first out of many to come! Before we get into what SpinShare is, here’s a brief description of the game Spin Rhythm XD.

What’s Spin Rhythm XD?

Spin Rhythm XD (SRXD for short) is a fairly recent rhythm game by Super Spin Digital, having only released more than a year ago in October 2019 on Steam Early Access. The gameplay is unique, as it was designed to be played with a DJ turntable; although you could’ve possibly inferred that from the title of the game.

One of my own charts PFC’d by Kali, one of the top SRXD players.

The gameplay elements are shown gradually as you go through the difficulties, starting with match notes (where you match the wheel segment color with the note); spins (the most unique element in the game where you flick the wheel), and taps. The developers designed the game for a turntable; however, that isn’t the only way you can play this game! One of the main playstyles involves using a mouse and keyboard, where you use the mouse for movement and the keyboard for beats (a note similar to kicks on RB introduced on the Hard difficulty). You can even use a standard controller; and if that isn’t enough customization for you, you can even adjust the key binds! This makes SRXD one of the more flexible rhythm games to get into as a result.

What is SpinShare?

SpinShare is a website and client that facilitates custom chart uploading, ever since the game added customs functionality in April 2020. The client is extremely useful to anyone getting into SRXD customs, as it allows for 1-click chart downloads. It receives regular updates alongside the website, the most recent one being playlists. We have over two thousand charts on the database, a very sizable amount for a community that hasn’t even been around for a year!

What do we do at SpinShare?

An aftermovie of the first SSSO.

At SpinShare, we host regular events, mainly around the competitive scene. We host a weekly 8-player tourney called the Custom 8s, and we also host seasonal 32-player tournaments, called the Speen Open (SSSO for short). We’re actually starting up the Winter SSSO pretty soon, so stay tuned for that! We also host charter showcases, where the charter releases charts day by day for an asynchronous score-chasing tournament. We’re also planning on having charting competitions, similar to the ones I host over on the official SRXD channel. All in all, we keep the community active and we always appreciate the support it gives us in return!

If you want to be involved with the SpinShare community yourself, follow this link to the main website and join our Discord!


One of the main community managers/tournament organizers at SpinShare. Also somewhat decent at charting for RB3.

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