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Harmonix’s latest game FUSER is entering its third month of life, and much like Rock Band 4, players have been spoiled with new content every week. The base soundtrack was already colossal with huge names from everywhere such as Blüe Oyster Cult, Smash Mouth, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Fatboy Slim, you name it, but the DLC has not lacked in quality either: Justin Timberlake, Deee-Lite (astronomical!), hell, even Weezer made it in!

As of the latest DLC announcement (Which features none other than LIVIN’ LA VIDA LOCA like what the freak), the game features a total of 160 songs (163 if you own the pre-order bonus). That is already quite a lot, and people who discover the game might be a bit lost on what to know: Battles strategy, pickups, dropping loop discs, that’s a whole dictionary of itself.

That’s what the FUSER Wiki is for. for the past few weeks, Sorald (of PikedPike fame), Nerdcore, Greenste and I have been working on a Wikia project: The FUSER Wiki.

So what’s in there? In this big and ever growing project, you will be able to get info on the Campaign mode, its tasks and rewards, everything to know everything on your promoters and their missions

The character page for everyone’s favorite chaotic good stage climber: Basra Khan

But the main attraction is the massive song list page where EVERY song has a page (That is, as soon as it’s out). In this, you will find information including BPM, key, number of pickups, additional facts, and Battles information, to create the perfect crate to defeat any wack DJ you come across, assert your dominance with some Dolly Parton!

Gentle On My Mind may not be the strongest Battles track, but dropping that banjo in freestyle will give a killer twist to your mix!

Although Wikia/Fandom is an open service that lets anyone edit pages, we try to keep track of every change to ensure the same quality on every page. If you want to contribute, feel free to join the unofficial FUSER Discord server and meet other players or talk about the Wiki following this link.

FUSER has been available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch since November 10th.

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