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January 24, 2014 – Pink Floyd, "Sail", Eagles of Death Metal, "Black Widow of La Porte", and Van Halen!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only.

C3 releases for January 24, 2014:
New! Singles

  • AWOLNATION – “Sail” M (uSound)
  • Eagles of Death Metal – “Cherry Cola” M (HankScorpio)
    Converted from Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC
  • John 5 – “Black Widow of La Porte” M (Nightmare Lyre) (incl. 2x bass)
    Converted from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
  • Pink Floyd – “Dogs” (BearzUnlimited)
  • Van Halen – “Spanish Fly” M X (AddyMilldike)
    Converted from Guitar Hero: Van Halen

From the Vault: Single

  • Pink Floyd – “San Tropez” X (Nyxyxylyth)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass, a blue M denotes full multitracks, and a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals).

This week is kind of conversion-themed, kind of devil-tier-guitar-themed, and kind of too-many-hyphens-themed! But it’s definitely rock-themed. Even “Sail”, the least rock-ish of them, is way heavier than some frilly little lo-fi indie song. Make a fist, bust out your index and pinky fingers, and get to work!
The heavy beats in uSound’s authoring of AWOLNATION’s “Sail” will remind you why their album is called Megalithic Symphony, and should also remind you of this. “Cherry Cola”, brought to you by HankScorpio, is basically a Queens of the Stone Age track — but that’s hardly a bad thing. Nightmare Lyre terrorizes you with the blisteringly difficult “Black Widow of La Porte”, one of the “boss”-type songs from GH6, and AddyMilldike does you no further favors with “Spanish Fly” from GHVH. Full combo these in RB and post a video on our forums if you want to be treated like a golden god for a week. Finally, we’ve got two more precious Pink Floyd tracks from BearzUnlimited and Nyxyxylyth, fleshing out our track selection for this highly-requested band that needs no introduction. (“Time” is also available in our database.) “Dogs”, at 17 minutes, will probably be the second-longest song in your library after “2112”. Have fun!
Fixes uploaded in the last week to previous C3 releases include:

  • Radiohead – “Paranoid Android”: Corrected one section’s harmony pitches

See you next Friday!

New! Singles

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

From the Vault: Single

Additional authoring credit: Some Pro G/B contributions by columbo777

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    1. Agreed 100%…still no Poundcake, Learning to Fly, Money (which several got cheaply Rick Rolled on)…heck list goes on and on on more popular songs. But agreed, thanks anyways *sigh* hope someone will eventually get to the better songs.

      1. and btw, that’s no disrespect…love the work you guys do…just been hoping someone would hit the Pink Floyd songs I’ve grown up around…Learning to Fly, Sorrow, Heat Gig in the Sky (for the females who love singing and want a challenge)..and since we already have Jump, Panama, and several other DLR VH, would be nice to se some Van-Haggar ones that weren’t hit in GH VH…theywere quite popular with him as well (just don’t do any of the Gary Charone era..lol)

        1. To be quite honest I’m thrilled to get some deeper cuts. Every time DLC is announced for a rhythm game it’s usually the three biggest radio hits the band has and something long and more off the radar like Dogs is an awesome change of pace. Like, Another Brick in the Wall is a good song but it’s just not as good as Dogs. Or Sheep.

          1. Not saying some might not be thrilled like you, but when it comes to bands that have been ignored in the games, I’m quite sure there are many that’d like to get some of the popular ones as well, like say in a Pink Floyd Pack, that the whole group could collaborate to make that’d do a song like that but several others as well that many have been waiting years for (kinda like the 300+ best creations across saves some guys and I made for the WWE games back in SvR2006…oh yeah, I am a “creator” that’s WELL known..still to this day, just in another game series…name is known as WolfgangJT…WWE creation series to be exact). And Van Halen with Haggar, would be that change of pace as well…an entire game, none of which had any of it…so think it’s a suggestion to consider. To be honest, I seriously bow down to the guys for doing a 17 minute song…WOW, the pain on that…but hoping they’ll consider hitting some others so those of us on guitar that really wanna hit some David Gilmour Les Paul awesomeness can finally get a great pack of it spanning past the 70’s…till then, I’ll slap in my Pulse concert DVD and have fun. Again though guys, love your work, love what you do…keep it up..hopefully my suggestion will get some consideration (especially after that Rick Roll I had to delete).

          2. ..oh, and Gilmour Fender Strat awesomeness as well…he’s played both, but the solos are my fav guitar sound of all time. Hoping for more.

      2. As we always say, I thik our authors have done such a tremendous job that it really seems like official DLC never ended. And official DLC was developed with sales on the general public in mind. Customs, on the other hand, rely on what authors love. If nobody is THAT into Wish You Were Here, it doesn’t get done, no matter how popular it is, because 15/20 hours a song is something an author will spend only for a song they love. We do listen to what you would like to see, I have personally tackled some songs I didn’t LOVE but I kinda liked and the public wanted, and so did many other authors. But the main point remains: popular has very little bearings on what we release because it’s all about what we love. And except for very few authors (I am one of those), you will find that authors have extremely specific tastes. 😉 Soon we will talk more about how many hours go not only into authoring but from conception to release, including playtesting, fixing, etc., and I think people will understand more why it’s all about passion and not necessarily about what users would like to see (although, again, we do listen to that too). 🙂

        1. If I could say that to the people I put stuff out for, I’d love it…but you’d be surprised..you aren’t on the only game that has a creation mose that people give hours to…days, weeks…months…in my case, years…lol. But thanks…my end, I can say I understand. Try making a person head to toe, look exactly like them….photoshoping custom textures, making a complete moveset, morphing over 51 points on face alone with 200 points each of play (yet getting them to look like the person in game limits)…hacking, pushing the game’s boundaries past what your normally allowed to do….yeah…I’m there with you guys, just not in Rock Band…threw out one custom on here just combining two efforts, but still could have done better. So total respect for you guys. But wish I could say that to my several thousands of fans. ><

    2. Critique is not allowed on here. Expect a long post explaining that to you, in a “I’m better than you, just be grateful way”… Also known as “the C3 way”

      1. Critique all you want, we just prefer constructive criticism rather than complaints that we didn’t do “the right songs”, which all in all is very subjective (I imagine Dogs would be much more fun to play than any of Floyd’s big hits personally)

      2. Please contact me with your name, address and e-mail and I will personally write you a check for all your purchases with us at C3. It’s only fair that we reimburse you if you’re not satisfied with the service you’re paying for. Here at C3 customer satisfaction is our main priority, and if I have to pay out of pocket to make sure our customers are happy, I will do so. Since I can’t mail a check to “Ugh”, please do contact me with your information and you’ll be getting a check within 14 days completely reimbursing you for all your purchases here at C3. Please make sure you include your account # so I can look up your purchases to be reimbursed. Thank you.

  1. Great week picking up 2 or 3 tracks for tonight.
    This whole Rock Band customs thing has made me buy the game and instruments for Xbox 360. Prior to this I was PS3 exclusive.
    Thanks for keeping Rock Band alive guys and keep it up!

  2. Great job as always, guys – thanks for all the hard work. A 17 minute song? Crazy long authoring for “Dogs” (an amazing song, BTW)! @Pooty Tang – learn to author and make all the awesome songs you want! It’ll take you a few nights of head scratching, but there’s all the help you need right here. Author just the songs YOU want and just the parts YOU play. Inside a couple of months I could pump out 3 songs with just vocals and expert guitar (including a few playtests and subsequent reworks, lip-sync, bass and drum fillers so the band doesn’t just stand there looking at you) in about 15-20 hours that satisfy my wants. Authoring becomes nearly as much fun as playing because you pick the songs you want for the reasons you want them. Teach yourself, man! You’ll wish you started sooner. I make a lot for my wife to sing while I play guitar – impress your friends, Pooty! It’s a blast!

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