Happy Birthday Taylor Hawkins!

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special release. Last March, we sadly and tragically lost a beloved musician. Most known as being the drummer for the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins’ impact on music spans several genres. He collaborated with dozens of artists throughout his career, and will surely have an influence on countless others for years to come. Today, February 17th, would mark his 51st Birthday, so I thought it fitting to bring everyone some customs dedicated to the man himself.

I would like to thank many fellow authors and members of this community for their contributions to this pack. StackOverflow0x, devomeister, MrPrezident, DocRocks, Linos, TomGuy, uppyb0t, and MB1Nightmare. Couldn’t be done without you guys!

Early on in his Foo Fighters tenure, Taylor was hospitalized due to a drug overdose and was in a coma for 2 weeks. On The Mend was written by front man Dave Grohl about the incident. Kicking off with a song directly dedicated to Taylor and what he meant to Dave and his band mates.

  • StackOverflow0x – initial Guitar and 5-lane Keys charts
  • MrPrezident – Vocals and Harmonies
  • devomeister –  cleanup, testing, and finalized Guitar and Bass charts
  • Linos –  Pro Keys. cleanup and finalized 5-Lane keys

Resolve is another great song with a powerful meaning. Lyrics that speak about life going on without someone that you lost, asking for the inner strength to find a way to continue on. “A little bit of resolve, is what I need now” are words that everyone can relate to.

  • StackOverflow0x – initial Guitar chart
  • DocRocks – Initial Bass chart
  • devomeister – cleanup, testing, and finalized Guitar and Bass charts. Vocals
  • MrPrezident – Harmonies and Vocal cleanup

One of the rare times when Taylor sang lead vocals on a Foo Fighters track, Cold Day in the Sun is next up. Taylor’s love for music went beyond just playing drums as he had several side projects where he flexed his songwriting and vocal abilities. Taylor would get the opportunity to take over the mic in live shows while Dave would go behind the kit. He would provide vocals for various covers of other artists, as well as this song.

  • StackOverflow0x – initial Guitar and 5-lane Keys charts
  • MrPrezident – Vocals and Harmonies
  • devomeister – cleanup, testing, and finalized Guitar and Bass charts
  • Linos –  Pro Keys. cleanup and finalized 5-Lane keys

Lastly, the title track to the album being featured all along: In Your Honor. Fairly obvious why this song is included, aside from being an incredibly energetic and awesome song, it bears the name for the theme of this release. Easily the most difficult song in this release, it will definitely test your drumming chops!

  • StackOverflow0x – initial Guitar chart
  • devomeister – cleanup, testing, and finalized Guitar and Bass charts
  • MrPrezident – Vocal cleanup and pitch fixes
  • TomGuy – Venue

Thanks also to MB1Nightmare and uppb0t for supplying very valuable feedback on guitar and drums, respectively, on all of the charts. Also thanks to CapnKris for helping with audio edits for a couple fade out endings.


After the initial 4-pack, I wanted to include more but couldn’t find the time to really commit to more full band tracks. Since this is dedicated to a drummer and it’s my release (so I make the rules) here are some drum only customs starring Taylor Hawkins! These songs were chosen to show off some of the more interesting or fast paced drum tracks out of the remaining Foo Fighters songs that were not yet charted.

Sticking with the same album, the next 2 songs are my picks for the best remaining drum tracks from the album.

Hell is a relatively short song. There’s a slow buildup on drums just before the chaos starts. Bring your kick pedal stamina for this one!

The Last Song was really close to making it into the main release, with the lyrics of dedicating a song to someone. The drums start off simple, with different elements introduced slowly to build up to a really fun track to play overall.

First song venturing away from the album is Overdrive from the album One By One. Chosen in part because Rock Band has Overdrive…get it? And of course, it’s just an awesome song!

The last 3 songs are all from the album directly after In Your Honor. With the concept of combining the double album of In Your Honor into a single album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace features a mixture of slow acoustic and fast paced sections within the same song.

Statues is a good quality slow jam. Just enough challenge on drums to keep it interesting. Try not to relax too much with the smooth vocals and great piano score!

But, Honestly is the best example of the concept of the album. Starting off with a full 2 and a half minutes of acoustic feel before the drums come in. And boy, do they come in hard, as there’s very little messing around once Taylor gets started!

Starting off more with a more heavy feel, we have Erase/Replace. Gets that acoustic/slowdown in the middle before finishing strong. Really fun song to play!

There you have it folks! Thanks again to everyone that helped out with this release. Your help is very much appreciated! I hope everyone enjoys these songs and really just happy to share it with everyone, though I wish it were under different circumstances, of course. One last shout out to end with.
The Man, the Myth, the Legend:



Taylor. Fucking. Hawkins.

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