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Chart-a-thon Day 28 Slot 2: Vrey’s Shameless Self-Promotion Pack!

Why yes, here it is again! Another pack containing songs that I not only charted, but created as well! Every single song in this pack was composed and released by yours truly!

In 2019, I did the same thing at the tail end of the C3X event, containing three songs from my most recent album at the time, “Aspirations”. However, this time around, three of the four songs released for this event are from my current most recent album, “A Minute To Reflect”, which released this year.
Nonetheless, here is every song for this event, as well as a brief description of each song.

This is a plunderphonics-inspired song I published in March of this year, which is most entirely composed of samples from other songs and YouTube videos containing percussion. And because of the amount of drum samples in this song, this song is a constant workout on drums, requiring constant playing and rarely letting up until the end of the song.

Funnily enough, the song samples the guitar stem to “Good Run” by Andrew Huang, which I also charted and released for a special C3 event. The parts where the sample is present have been directly ripped from my chart of Good Run because laziness it just makes sense 😛

Meanwhile, the vocals chart is directly ripped from “Cabinet Man” by Lemon Demon, so if you’re familiar with the song, it shouldn’t be that hard to sing.

Other samples include “Faint” by Linkin Park and “Long Season” by the band Fishmans.

This song is a direct cover of Rob Scallon’s Rain which appears on my 2021 album, “A Minute To Reflect”.

The song’s premise consists of short 8th notes, but with a delay pedal set to every dotted quarter note, filling in the gaps between the 8th notes, making it appear to be a constant stream of 16th notes. Even though the song has only a guitar and keys part, the expert keys part does include the delay notes, making it a non-stop barrage of 16th notes throughout.

The Hard difficulty contains a more accurate version, and this is reflected in the keys animations, as the keyboardist only plays the 8th notes.

This song, which appears on my 2021 album “A Minute To Reflect”, is directly inspired by the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack, taking inspiration from the song “Aquatic Ambience”.

The closer on my 2021 album of the same name, this song is a short but sweet piano piece, so this song has only keys. Extra attention to detail was put into the keys animations, more or less emulating how the piece would actually be played. This is a very slow song, so to make the keyboardist move slowly, I set the animation speed to “Fast”… in a song that averages about 60 BPM.

And that’s about it for my contribution! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I highly encourage you donate to to support the cause!

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