Chart-a-thon Day 12, Slot 1: Pepper 3-pack

Today I picked a pack of Pepper, they are a Reggae band from Hawaii. I mean they go a bit punky and funky but it’s on an upbeat so that’s reggae, right?

Most people here probably know them from their free song in the free reggae pack from GH:WT.. So I converted that one.

I say converted; I added harmonies and pro keys, edited lyrics and vocal tubes, made a few changes to the 5 lanes too..

It’s a good album though so I did another from there.

Thanks capnkris for doing that video in march…. I knew I wanted to finish a pack instead of more singles, but yeah I’m sitting on a lot of unfinished packs. I’ll definitely want to do a bunch more songs from No Shame, Kona Town and also the entire Stitches EP. Luckly there was a remix competition years ago, so I downloaded the stems and started charting Wake Up maybe 5/6 years ago? well I’ve finished it.

well there we go, I’ll probably finish Pepper 02 sometime in 2023? Tradewinds? Stormtrooper? Bring Me Along? No Control? Probably? Maybe?

That’s it for now, next up is Yaniv297. If you like the songs, feel free to donate here!

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