La Vida Es Bella

“La Vida Es Bella” is the first LP by the band Catedrales, in which revisited songs from previous releases stand out, along with 4 previously unreleased songs, including ¿Ahora Qué?, Desde Donde Llamo, Yo Pinté Esa Pared, and the song which gives its name to the album “La Vida Es Bella”

Recreation of Catedrales in Rock Band by Tobioatom8158

“It is an album without a dedication, it is a farewell and a reunion. It’s all the pain, it’s all the love, it’s a regret, a gift, an sorry, and so much more.” Catedrales in Instagram

Without further ado, enjoy listening to this amazing album and trying out these custom ones, enjoying the music that Catedrales offers.

La Vida Es Bella

  1. Algo Me Está Matando
  2. Volver
  3. Bebiendo Y Conduciendo
  4. Desde Donde Llamo
  5. ¿Ahora Qué?
  6. Solo
  7. Paris Tejas
  8. Nadie Decía Nada
  9. Yo Pinté Esa Pared
  10. La Vida Es Bella

One More

Post-créditos, an single by Catedrales

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Catedrales are:
Jose Luis Garza: Vocals, keys, guitar
Antonio Soto: Guitar
Carlos Orozco: Bass
Diego Lozano: Drums

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