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The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Twelve

Our final day’s songs are from Nightmare Lyre and the GHtoRB3 team!

Here’s what Nightmare Lyre has to say:

Well here we are at my track, I am not very good with speeches or introductions but I will try my best. I am a musician who started my entire musical “career” thanks to rhythm gaming. The first rhythm game I ever got into was Guitar Hero 2 on PS2, a game that helped expose me to a world of new music but also the joys of playing a instrument. I started wanting to play guitar, though the real deal didn’t seem to fit me as well as the fake plastic variant, but still GH helped me understand rhythm and song construction better and once I tried the drums for Rock Band when it was released I knew this was something I really wanted to keep doing, to the point where I bought myself a acoustic set and have played in a pile of different bands in different styles.
Due to my interest in rhythm gaming I started working on customs pretty early when I found Frets on Fire for the first time, and since then I have basically charted non-stop, learning myself about musical theory, composing, layering, pretty much everything about music through the charting process. Rock Band have basically meant the world to me, and I joined Freen In Green Authoring after a while so I could help develop cool content for the game I love. When the DLC flow stopped, it was like a part of me had died, and I am very happy C3 came along to give me motivation to keep charting and by that continuing learning about the complex thing that is music.
Even if I might appear to only be a Metal fan from my image, truth is I love music in general and I feel that the most important part is not the genre or anything like that, but rather the emotion the musicians manage to convey, which is why all my own made music mixes and blends genres a lot, and I basically do whatever I please musically as long as I feel I can convey a strong emotion through it. In between the Metal, I listen to a lot of Prog, Punk, House/Electronic, Chiptune, Orchestral and really whatever I come across that makes me feel something, and therefor I picked “Closing Time” as my pick for the pack as it’s one of the most emotional and epic sounding Alternative Rock songs I have ever heard in my entire life. Even when listening to Weird Al’s Polka novelty cover of this song it sends shivers down my spine. So I hope you will all enjoy this finale to our advent calendar, and that you all have a great holiday season with a lot of fun times with all of our charts.

And here’s a piece from Kalecgos of the GHtoRB3 team:

Happy holidays everyone, my name is Kalecgos and I’m going to tell you a little story about GHtoRB3 (a team consisting of toops, titiln and myself; we convert Guitar Hero songs to RB3 and do a custom every now and then).
It all began back in January 2009 when I got Guitar Hero World Tour. I fell in love with the drums and started learning to play them soon after. Around GH5’s release I tried researching customs. I thought the import features of both games were great and I was tired of switching discs. At this point I actually planned on getting the Rock Band songs into Guitar Hero, because Guitar Hero had an extra drum lane. Pretty ironic that GHtoRB3 started out as RBtoGH :P
Technical limitations and the arrival of Rock Band 3 soon turned this project in the right direction. I gathered as much information as I could from many different places on the internet and began to convert Metallica’s Death Magnetic album to RB3.
In June 2011 I released those songs and got positive feedback from a lot of people. I teamed up with Toops and Titiln and GHtoRB3 was born.
We started working on converting GHWT straight away and set high goals, but we only knew the basics. Every few days/weeks someone would mention a cool feature our songs were still missing. A venue. Lip sync. The Xbox 360 multitracks. Album art. Time after time we went back to redo finished songs and improve their quality.
During those first weeks, album art wasn’t a common feature yet. As far as I can tell there wasn’t even a way to do proper custom album art. But luckily we already had a computer wizard (chrislive08) who started working on that. I think he was the first one to figure out how to do it.
That wasn’t his only amazing accomplishment though, we also worked together to make GHWT DLC conversions possible. Those charts had been extracted before us, but vocals (and some other stuff) was missing.
Months passed in the blink of an eye as we kept releasing songs. Mid 2012 toops and titiln went back to re-release our previous works with added Keys, Harmonies and additionall fixes.
Then in April 2013 the Rapture event took place. With the advent of C³, the customs scene was changed forever.
There’s probably only a handful of people who know how much work authoring custom songs (and conversions) was “back in the day”. For those interested you can have a look at part of the process: https://sites.google.com/site/mahoppiangoon/customrbdlc
The tools that trojannemo made available are amazing timesavers and C³ is a wonderful community where authors collaborate and new guys can learn the trade.
Anyway, our song is “Some nights” by Fun.

We’ve had some great reader responses to this project, and we’re really happy you enjoyed it! All of the songs will be released tomorrow, December 25, but the end of Christmas doesn’t mean the end of the C3 giving season. You can expect more songs from us every week into 2014. 🙂
Happy holidays, everyone! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Amazing picks guys, And very inspiring story of yours Nightmare Lyre, I completely understand how you feel towards music.:) I myself did chart for a bit about two years ago in a full band with the help of ” Master Farettone ” He had the patience to help me and guide me through the whole charting process and correct my mistakes, although my charts were very poor but I was very happy to achieve the fact that I made my own favorite songs and play them in RB3, I gave up due to my life responsibilities such as work, my daughter and wife and other personal stuff and I know how time consuming it is when it comes to chart a song full band and by my self :/ Well to Kalecgos and Team, A BIG THANK YOU for all those converts since GHWT, I was tired and sick of swiping disk too, And I’m very glad you guys made this dream game possible to fusion all in one and even upgrade it:)
    My best wishes for this awesome team: for this Christmas and thanks again for such wonderful release and magnificent present . A lot of Love and prosperity.
    Merry X-mass to all…….

  2. Awesome pair of songs to close out the set! Thanks guys!
    Kalecgos, does this mean the GHtoRB3 project is back up and running? You guys did some fantastic work in the past and it’d be so exciting if you started up again! 😀

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year for whole C3, for authors, and for all people, who play these amazing customs. I really love you guys, for all things you do for us. And special thanks for letting play these songs on Wii.

  4. I don’t want a lot for Christmas
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    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is you, yeah.
    merry xmas from australia.

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