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October 31, 2013 – A Halloween party with "Thriller", "Monster Mash", scary movie themes, Rocky Horror, and lots more!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only.

C3 releases for October 31, 2013:
New! Singles

  • Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers – “Monster Mash” M (Gigakoops)
  • Classics IV – “Spooky” X (farottone)
  • Cradle of Filth – “Her Ghost in the Fog” (DeathThreatUK and Nightmare Lyre) (incl. 2x bass)
  • Cradle of Filth – “Nymphetamine Fix” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo) (incl. 2x bass)
  • Michael Jackson – “Thriller” (RUSHEE)

New! Thriller Themes Pack

  • Charlie Clouser – “Hello Zepp (Saw Theme)” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo; from Saw)
  • Gerard McMann – “Cry Little Sister” (Gigakoops; from The Lost Boys)
  • Unicron – “Troll 2” (Gigakoops; vaguely related to Troll 2)

FtV: Rocky Horror Pack C01

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul” M (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, and pksage)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Sweet Transvestite” M X (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, and pksage)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Time Warp” M (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, Nightmare Lyre, and pksage)

FtV: Nightmare Night Pack

  • PrinceWhateverer – “Nightmare Night” M (LyokoFreaks) (incl. 2x bass)
  • Tarby – “Nightmare Night” M (LyokoFreaks and Nightmare Lyre) (incl. 2x bass)
  • WoodenToaster – “Nightmare Night” M (LyokoFreaks and Nightmare Lyre)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass, a blue M denotes full multitracks, and a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals).

Darkness falls across the band
A chilling feeling stills your hand
Spiders crawl across the HUD
The five-gem lanes fill up with blood
And whomsoever shall be found
Without their rockin’ skills unbound
Out from the band we will expel
To play the SpongeBob songs in hell
This pack for you we have prepared
Evil songs chosen with care
Zombie FtVs exhumed
With brand-new hellions in the gloom
And though you act detached and cool
Your body starts to shiver
For no C3 fan can resist
The evil lure of “Thriller”…

Halloween! The best holiday of them all. You can disagree if you want! You’ll just be wrong.
We’ve got an insane 14 songs this week, so I’ll try to be brief. I mean, uh, spoooookily brief! Blood! Monsters! Blahhh!
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is one of the most recognizable pop songs of all time, and its album of the same name has sold more copies than any other album in the history of the world. No Halloween pack would have been complete without it, and new author RUSHEE has delivered, with a guitar, bass and drums version to which we added pro keys and vocals/harmonies. We’ve released a lot of big songs, but in the scope of things, this is right up there with “Stairway” as one of the biggest. Download and play it before the day is up! Start some spontaneous choreography with the Trick-or-Treaters! MJ will thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try.
Each holiday has its novelty anthem, and Halloween’s is unquestionably the “Monster Mash”. Gigakoops brings it to the table with audio-wizardry multitrack stems from Orange Harrison. Don’t confuse it with the Monster Mosh, though. I’ve seen some scene kids impaled on horrible chitinous exoskeletons. It’s not pretty.
farottone starts us down the slide of wildly different genres this week with Classic IV’s “Spooky”, famously covered by Dusty Springfield. This jazzy number includes a sax solo and lyrics about loving spooky little girls, which means “girl” in the rock music way, and not “girl” in the “blood-spattered child from The Exorcist” way.
At the other end of our genre spectrum this week is the unquestionably Halloween-y metal band Cradle of Filth, which got Richmond through some pretty bleak times. DeathThreatUK and Nightmare Lyre bring “Her Ghost in the Fog” from their 2000 album Midian, which is based on a Clive Barker horror novel. That is simultaneously very metal and very Halloween! We’ve also got “Nymphetamine Fix” from the Nymphetamine album, with Liv Kristine on vocals giving the song an almost Nightwish-y sound. Thanks again, Nightmare Lyre!
The perfect Halloween sequel to our video games pack is a pack of horror movie theme songs! This pack runs the gamut just like the rest of this week. Gigakoops has authored “Cry Little Sister”, a damn creepy song from The Lost Boys. Just unchain me! It’ll be fine, I promise. Totes. Just as scary without any vocals is Nightmare Lyre’s presentation of the Saw theme, complete with disembodied limbs on the soundtrack art. I want to play a game [of Rock Band 3]… And finally, we’ve got something totally different from Gigakoops — Unicron’s “Troll 2”, an homage to the best worst horror movie ever made. This metalcore song is definitely one of this week’s most challenging, and– oh my god, they’re eating her! And then they’re gonna eat me! OH MY GOD!
We’ve also got two From the Vault packs this week; a science fiction double feature, if you will. Are you ready for the floor show? pksage has revived TrojanNemo’s GH6 conversions of “Hot Patootie”, “Sweet Transvestite”, and “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ah! pksage! TrojanNemo! Dr. Scott! Brad! Rocky! Bullwinkle! If you’ve somehow never seen the movie, it comes highly recommended, though you may need shock treatment when you’re done. Prepare a frankenfurter, turn on the giant purple onion, get as kinky as possible, and wait for me to stop making thinly-veiled references, then karaoke these songs until the neighbors return to their home galaxy. Special thanks to Nightmare Lyre for insa-e-a-e-a-e-a-ane assistance with G/B/D on “Time Warp”. (All three songs now have keys and harmonies, as well as dramatic tweaks to legacy instrument charts.)
Finally, we’ve got three songs for Nightmare Night, the Friendship is Magic equivalent of Halloween. Double your fun with these three tracks, which — this is kind of complicated — are all songs about Nightmare Night, but they’re different songs, and not covers of each other. LyokoFreaks (with assistance from Nightmare Lyre) has revived all of these now-undead pony songs from the Pony Rock Project, and they span a wide range of genres and difficulties. As a bonus, they’re all true multitracks! We do our best to audio-magic stems together each week, but it’s hard to beat the real thing. (All three songs have been brought up to C3 standards.)
Happy Halloween! See you…next Friday…ahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *hack* *cough*

New! Bobby “Boris” Pickett – “Monster Mash” (Gigakoops)

New! Classics IV – “Spooky” (farottone)

Additional authoring credits: Pro G/B by columbo77

New! Cradle of Filth – “Her Ghost in the Fog” (DeathThreatUK and Nightmare Lyre)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

New! Cradle of Filth – “Nymphetamine Fix” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

New! Michael Jackson – “Thriller” (RUSHEE)

Additional authoring credits: General assistance from farottone, vocals contributions from pksage

New! Thriller Themes Pack

Charlie Clouser – “Hello Zepp (Saw Theme)” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo)

Additional authoring credits: Original X-drums/bass by MrMet2087
Gerard McMann – “Cry Little Sister” (Gigakoops)

Unicron – “Troll 2” (Gigakoops)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

FtV: Rocky Horror Pack C01

“Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul” (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, and pksage)

“Sweet Transvestite” (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, and pksage)

Additional authoring credits: Pro G/B by columbo77
“Time Warp” (Neversoft, TrojanNemo, pksage, and Nightmare Lyre)

FtV: Nightmare Night Pack (LyokoFreaks and Nightmare Lyre)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

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  1. I’m super excited that I can finally play Rocky Horror tracks with harmonies. It always felt wrong without them. Just out of curiosity, does The Time Warp still have that awkward silence where the tap solo should be?

  2. HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!1!!!! I probably won’t hear the door to hand out candy. Gonna be busy with a giant pack of songs!! You guys are stealing candy from kids.
    Thanks for the awesome set!

  3. Amazing!!!! Thriller is here for RB3 that’s just great and thank you the rest of songs that I’m not very familiar with but gonna download them anyway and crank my speakers to enjoy these master piece:) thanks again everyone have an scary and freaking halloween night \m/ \m/ \m/

        1. Imagine our disappointment when the time came and we couldn’t find your submission for this week! We were counting on a 15th song authored by you, but you didn’t send us anything. Very disappointing.

          1. My apologies, but I cannot afford REAPER (I got the trial but it ran out) and I simply don’t have the time, patience or know-how to contribute.
            I also realised how much of an asshat those comments made me sound like, and I cannot apologise enough for seeming ungrateful. Let me tell you now that I am very grateful for the content you provide us with. And if there’s anything I can do for you other than authoring songs, let me know and I’ll try and get it done.

  4. Oh and another thing. You’re wrong about the versions of Nightmare Night not being covers of eachother. Tarby’s Nightmare Night IS a seperate song, but PrinceWhateverer’s Nightmare Night IS a cover of Wooden Toaster’s version

    1. Hey Adam K, do you have *any* F_ing clue how much time goes into creating these?? Your comments above make you sound very ungrateful for the FREE content being offered. Even though there’s nothing that interests me this week, I am well aware of the many hours per song it takes and very appreciative of the efforts. As TN says, if you don’t like what’s being created why don’t you contribute something other than whining noises.
      To C3 authors, thank you yet again for continuing to keep this platform interesting -always look forward to Friday mornings and although my schedule doesn’t allow me to help author, I really do appreciate your efforts and would gladly donate if/when there’s a vehicle for doing so

      1. You’re making me sound like an asshole. I’m not trying to be an asshole.
        The first comment was just me expressing mild disappointment, not whining.
        The second comment was just a correction, nothing more.
        And in response to your comment, I WOULD contribute something if I had the time, the patience and the know-how. And if I could actually afford REAPER.

        1. If you go on Google you can find old versions of Reaper that actually allow an infinite trial period. I believe the last version that allowed that would be v4.22

  5. Her ghost in the fog was a great surprise. And Classic IV. Never thought I would see a song from them on Rock Band. Hoping it’s not the only one. Good job!

  6. Very nice update! 🙂 Sorry if this has been asked but aren’t Phase Shift downloads being provided with new updates anymore? On the Sep 27th update, the notes advised that all updates will be available for Phase Shift going forward. Since then only two updates have had Phase Shift downloads. Is work on the PS downloads stopped for time being?

    1. Phase Shift and Wii versions are never released at the same time as Xbox versions, since until those are released, the guys that volunteered to do the conversions can’t even start doing them. And as I just said, these are forum members who volunteered with the process. We have a lot of conversions done for both Wii and Phase Shift, and more are still being done, so just stay tuned.

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