C3 Legacy

04/09/13 – Aretha Franklin 3-pack



(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman
If you felt like Rock Band needed more Motown, you’re in for a treat. This pack features 3 of Aretha Franklin’s most popular songs, super fun for vocals and harmonies and cool for the whole band! Nyxyxylyth helped A LOT on the vocals and TrojanNemo, as usual, did all animations. So, you all watched The Blues Brothers, right? Get ready to add the signature song Think from its soundtrack to your Rock Band catalogue! Very tough on vocals and guitar, this track also features 5-lane keys (but not, unfortunately, Pro Keys). And when we talk about Respect, it’s another piece of history; not having heard this one before may be literally impossible. Awesome for vocalists, but fun for bass and drums too. A beautiful soul track closes out the pack: (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman. This one maps strings to guitar in the absence of a dedicated guitar part.

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