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The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Five

Day 5’s song is from pksage (that’s me!), one of the C3 admins.

Here’s what pksage has to say:

When farottone and I came up with the idea for this pack, we were stoked to get some of the community’s biggest wishlist songs out there. To me, “Flagpole Sitta” is the very definition of a community wishlist song — even Harmonix is on record as saying they really wanted it, but the licensing never panned out. Harvey Danger’s one-hit wonder is a staple of ’90s rock and is simultaneously an anthem of both the genuine and the sarcastic. There are few ’90s songs that can get the whole bar drunkenly singing along to the chorus as well as “Flagpole Sitta”.
I’ve always been a sucker for well-organized Rock Band databases, and my final iteration of several such lists is Rock Band Chronicle. I stumbled across C3 when I was talking to espher about RBHP in early 2013. “Hey,” he said, “now that you mention customs, we’re planning this thing…” I figured that RBC would be a good start for a customs database, and then I was sucked in for good. I ended up, as you might have seen, running not just the DB, but the forums and blog as well. Still, my involvement in C3 is mostly administrative. I’ve only authored a handful of songs next to juggernauts like farottone or NL.
I was pretty involved with RBN in its early days, doing dozens of charts for Rhythm Authors and then nine songs on my own, mostly from Dance for the Dying. I’ve been a music game junkie since ~2001 thanks to DDR, and a fan of guitar games since a few months before the release of GH2. When I’m not breaking our forums or procrastinating on authoring a song, I’m spending time with my wife (or my Corgi, cat, or chinchilla), playing The Kingdom of Loathing, or just generally dicking around on the Internet. I live a glamorous life.
Thank you so much, all of you, for making C3 such a runaway success. We’ve been so stoked to release songs for you every week for 36 weeks now, and we’re hoping to stick around for many more. (Man, 36 weeks. If we were Harmonix, we’d be releasing NIN 02 and Shinedown, having done The Who 12-pack last week.) Happy holidays, everyone!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)

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  1. 1. I am officially out of touch. I have never heard or heard of this song. This will not stop me from grabbing and playing it.
    2. You charted the DFTD tracks? Nice! They are some of my favorite RBN treasures.

  2. Ditto, never heard of this one… Assume a US hit.. But sounds pretty good all the same… many thanks for all these tracks…Looking for more fun party songs etc… as the heavy metal grunge stuff does not go down well at my Rockband Parties…

  3. Well I’m happy as fuck, this is one of those songs where I would never remember to throw in my top 10 favorite songs when listing them, but if I did it would be up there. It’s just so addicting and catchy and then there’s a Johnny Greenwood type freak out buried in the mix near the end of it which is just fantastic. It’s just one of those songs that’s perfect that no one ever thinks to list as a contestant in the greatest songs ever (ignoring historical significance, artist, or album) list because of the lack of band popularity, but compared to Satisfaction, Stairway, or Teen Spirit, this is like Heroin level of addiction.

  4. Very awesome choice. My buddy was convinced that Harvey Danger was the next huge band in the making when this song came out and I always told him they’d relegated to One Hit Wonder status. He still hates me for that, but we still both love this song.
    We will be singing the shit out of this at MAGFest in January. I cannot wait for this pack to release. So many good songs revealed!
    Still amazed Harmonix never made this work. Now we just need Semisonic’s Closing Time and Fastball’s The Way…

  5. Welp, I just crapped my pants. I’ll admit the other songs so far haven’t really been songs I found myself interested in,, but this has been one of my most wanted songs for quite a long time, and to finally see it get represented in the game — officially or otherwise — has me very excited to finally play it (the fact it was helmed by a very experienced charter helps). 😀
    Also, would it be wrong for me to assume the bridge is going to be Cymbal Lane City on drums?

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