The Network – Mark II/Pack II

Who is this mysterious band? Why are they dressed up for the circus? How did these custom songs come to be? You dont even know.

Speaking of people whom you dont know, Reto! This song is dedicated to the android you mortals know as Reto Peter whom mixed the Money Money 2020 album/the greatest album of all time back in 2003. He has no relation to The Network… thats… none of your business! Speil es schon!

Ok… who put this one in here? I thought we already went over this! Money Money 2020 was already released as the first playable Rock Band 3 song by The Network! Why does the monkey who makes these things have to be so blind! I swear, he cant tell a Green Day apart from a Foxboro Hot Tub. Anyways, looks like there exists new content on this version… a nice venue, proper reductions, and better DIY stems. Guess he cant get his grubby hands on the real ones, huh? Krankheit ist Bestrafung!

Oh? Whats this? We have some newer songs from The Network! Lets bring them on up!

Oh… so uh… haha drug song! What an amazing song at that! Have a nightmarish time on drums! No disco flips! Its how Snoo-anon wanted it. Enjoy the track! Verbrauchen!

Ah! What a great song we have next. It seems that United State-zians have a problem with their political views. The Network wrote a song about one of the problems. Check it out! Du kannst nicht entkommen!

Snoo justice! Elon Musk left his radio on again! Its up to us to warn Elon about his oxygen levels and his power shortage! Play drums for the ultimate Snoo experience! Oh wait, theres no drums on this track… uh well Elon is screwed. Time for X Æ A-12 to obtain the role of man of the house! Fink war da!

We tortured RongoIK to make this pack, we hope you enjoy it!

Non-goIK signing off once again…

Hey! RongoIK here! I need to teach these popper punks a lesson! More Green Day content must be made! Please stay tuned for BETTER custom songs by a BETTER band!

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