Defecto Perfecto

Defecto Perfecto is the second studio album by the Mexican ban “División Minúscula”. The album was released on May 13, 2006.

After the release of their debut album, in 2002, Minuscule Division seemed like a band that had disappeared, since the followers of their project no longer saw them in the shows, so it became like a separation.

División Minúscula returns with a very different sound from their first album, being off stage, Defecto Perfecto made División Minúscula return with new songs, sounds and lyrics. “During the two years that we were inactive, I never stopped composing and recorded my demos on small cassette recorders” (Javier Blake)

For the name of the album, Javier Blake says the following: “Thinking about the name of the album, I wanted it to be something that represented the band more than the album itself, something that spoke about us and how we felt and looked. We had gone through difficult personal moments each within the band, moments of uncertainty in many aspects, and our relationship that resembled a dysfunctional family but that at the same time was the active ingredient that made everything possible and unique. Only one name appeared in my head: PERFECT DEFECT “

With the singles “Sismo”, “Veneno Es Antídoto (S.O.S :)” and “Sognare” the album consists of 12 songs:

División Minúscula in “Defecto Perfecto” are:

-Javier Blake: Voice, Rhythm guitar
-Alex Luque: Bass
-Kiko Blake: Drums
-Ricci Pérez: Lead guitar
Rodrigo Montfort (Bucho): Keyboards

Andrés (andrew etg)
Marcos (Qweflol)
Joseph (josephbv22)

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