“Secretos” by División Minúscula

Secretos is the most recent production of División Minúscula. Four years after their last release “División”, the band is back together with this incredible EP which has a 5 song tracklist. Released on July 15, 2016, the band decides to venture out with the producer of their previous album Brian McTernan.

Secretos, with which the band celebrates twenty years of artistic career, launched with “Frenesí”, the first single.

Javier Blake commented on his single: “It is a good door to enter the album, it is a song that talks about distance, what distance causes and how it destroys, it talks about being on the tightrope, how to feel so safe and how distance starts to stagger you”

“The band gave me the opportunity to produce the album. I had always been involved in that process, but this time I got more involved. I made sure that every chord, every arrangement, every letter, was in the right place … It seems that the guitars don’t fight, they talk to each other. We wanted everything to have a good melody, good lyrics. It was a very natural thing for the band to go into the studio and do all of that. ” (Javier Blake on the production of this album)

“There are five songs, there were going to be 10 but when we decided to do it independently we came to the conclusion that for various reasons the EP format was more suitable for us, especially because of the way music is consumed nowadays. It is a very complete album, each song is different and the theme covers everything, from love to heartbreak, what happens in our country and if it is very varied, also the music ”, explained Javier Blake.

As Efrén Barón mentioned: “Each song contains a División style, which at the same time makes an EP. There are five songs that represent very well what is División Minúscula”


Día De Juicio

Día de Juico is the song in charge of opening this album, a song in which the essence of each work of the band is felt.

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“It’s a song about separating yourself from something and how difficult it is when promises become in jeopardy. It is a moment when I thought that everything was in danger of falling and about how the frenzy leads you to do stupid things, but that sometimes it can save you” (Javier Blake)

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Miss Terrorista

It is a song that provides a different sound, based on the sounds of the 80s.

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Sin Nombre

Listed as the quietest song on the album, which provides melancholic sounds.

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With the track that gives this album its name, this is how Division Minúscula closes its most recent material

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División Minúscula in “Secretos” are:

-Javier Blake: Voice, Rhythm guitar
-Alex Luque: Bass
-Kiko Blake: Drums
-Efrén Barón: Rhythm guitar
-Ricci Pérez: Lead guitar
Rodrigo Montfort (Bucho): Keyboards

This is an album that we share together with my brother at 12doc, as always, a pleasure to be able to make this content with you!


Marcos (Qweflol)

Andrés (andrew etg)

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