“Monstruos” is the third EP, and fourth studio album of the band “Serbia”. Released in 2019, this Ep has 4 songs: Monstruos, Último Beso, Isabelle y Celosa.

“For this new material, what we did was simply follow the story. It was like connecting the songs they used on the “Secretos del Sol” album with those of Monstruos. (…) What we thought was that this album (Secretos) had very heavy songs, rock n’ roll, we wanted to attract attention with the electric guitars, with Monstruos we wanted to show our most beautiful side, our “pop” side. , our romantic side.” (Ernesto Ortiz)

“I wanted to be inspired by something, motivated by something; I said, “I’m going to write songs for myself.” This is where songs like: “Last kiss” or “Isabelle” come out. They are personal songs, that’s why I think they “hit” people emotionally very strongly”. (Ernesto Ortiz)

This material is again produced by Flip Tamez (Jumbo), bringing out the best sound of this band for this EP.



Último Beso



Último Beso:

Serbia are:
Ernesto Ortiz: Voice, Rhythm guitar
José Pablo García: Lead guitar
Eduardo Vázques: Bass
Daniel Vázquez: Drums

And a big thank you to this group of people who helped me to complete these customs.

andrew etg: Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, animations (drums)
Qweflol: Vocals, harmonics
Henry13Hdz: Venue
TobioAtom8158: Previews (in process)
Gatencio0602: Visuals
untalkarim: Collab in: Visuals and process

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