Chart-a-thon Day 22, Slot 1: Farottone presents the 2×4 pack!

What does "hit me like a two-by-four" mean? - English Language & Usage  Stack Exchange

See that right there? That’s commonly known as a two-by-four. That’s a piece of wood used in construction and it’s 2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Now, you are probably asking yourself what has this to do with music or Rock Band? Well you see there’s a dreaded curse in the customs community. Packs always go at least in batches of 3 songs each but so many authors are cursed with making only 2 songs per artist or theme. Now, authoring community, I do believe I have found a way to break the curse: it’s the 2 x 4 pack! Oh yeah, you read that right, that’s 4 batches of 2 songs each. It’s 8 songs from 4 different artists FROM THE SAME ALBUMS! And just like that, the curse is broken!

Nick Kamen was truly a meteor in the pop music scene. He was catapulted into celebrity status by starring in a Levi’s commercial in his underwear, which lead to Madonna taking an interest in him and… well, he recorded a few good songs! Nick Kamen died earlier this year and I wanted to release a pack then but life took over. So here it is now, 2 songs by this model turned singer who made an impact in Europe in the 80s. Very important note: this would not have happened without MrPrezident’s help, who reviewed this songs and basically allowed me to release them. Thank you my friend!

Man, my mom had a huge music crush on Paul Young but I never really got into him until I focused on the bass lines that Pino Palladino provided and on Paul’s voice, which is very soulful. So, first of all, hi mom! Second, this two-pack is pretty cool and if you’re a bass player you have to play Come Back and Stay

Remember when I said no Simply Red was baffling? Well what about Yazoo? Right, or Yaz, as my American friends might know them as (copyright in music is insane…) Anyway, they had a few awesome hits, including Don’t Go and Only You. Cool connections: Alison Moyet is the singer, and I already released an amazing song by her (incredible voice). Also I already released a vocals-only cover of Only You. By the way, come on, you know Only You…

Finally, you know I like Sade, so here’s the last couple of songs by her that I have ever authored…

Let’s take another moment to consider those members of the community who are no longer with us today. If you download these songs, I would appreciate a donation of $1 or more to the Chart-a-thon.

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