Happy Australia Day 2022!!

Welcome back everyone to another promising year of customs as we bring back a tradition that I’ve been hosting for a few years now, every January 26th we celebrate Australia Day which a pack of customs from bands and artists that originate from the land Down Under. This year is no exception, we have a bunch of customs to release from all walks of life and genres of music just waiting to be played. I initially was going to release a trailer video of my songs but I experienced issues with my capture card with audio desync so hopefully I can get that fixed soon to showcase these songs properly.

Big thanks go out to DaUsername and devomeister for contributing towards the pack being released today. Please make sure to go check their other customs in the database. Thanks again for supporting us and hopefully we can make this year the best one yet.

From devomeister –

Like in the May 8 pack last year, I am again featuring some songs from the 2000s Aussie-prog scene. I tried to pick songs that are fun on plastic instruments, a well as highlighting some really great under-the-radar bands.

The first is from the Bondi-based trio Cog. I chose ‘My Enemy’ off their debut album ‘The New Normal’. It’s one of the more direct and catchy songs on the album (which is likely why it was released as one of the album’s radio singles), but it still maintains the band’s huge sound and creative elements. On plastic instruments, the drum track will keep you busy, and the guitar and bass are both really fun. And while the vocal track isn’t acrobatic, it’s still rather fun to belt out. Plus, this is my first time doing harmonies!

The other two songs are from Brisbane 4-piece The Butterfly Effect. I only recently discovered these guys, despite my interest in this era of Aussie prog. They remind me a bit of a more polished Chevelle, bringing that progressive edge to a kick-ass alternative metal framework.

The first song I chose is ‘Window and the Watcher’. from their most “recent” album ‘Final Conversation of Kings’. Recent being relative, since the album was released in 2008. Window and the Watcher is supremely catchy, and quite rhythmically interesting. Killer vocals, and a great bass track highlight this song for me.

Next up is “Reach” from their second album “Imago”. I love the structure of this one. It’s built around a great riff, and I find the guitar is a really interesting part. Like Window and the Watcher, the vocals are great, and the bass is fun.

I want to thank the folks that helped me out with these. MFX stepped in and helped me figure out the tricky tempo map for “Reach”, and even took the time to do a full pass of it. Once again, EzloDQ gave my drums a spin, and really helped me refine the drum charts. My charts are infinitely more playable because of his input. And just a general shout-out to the C3 Discord, which is one of the most helpful and civil “forums” I’ve ever been part of. The names are too many to list, but the feedback and advice I’ve gotten is the only reason I was able to get these songs out the door.

JIManji –

DaUsername –

devomeister –

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