Misfits Variety Pack

Misfits are one of the most influential Punk bands in Music history with a great deal of change being found in their catalogue and Band lineup. This pack features songs dotted from their beginning all the way to the late 90’s.

Sometimes when finding customs to make, I come across a song that I feel blessed to be able to work on just because of how good a song is and how well it clicks with me that I don’t mind having to hear it over and over for hours on end. Saturday Night is now one of those songs.

This Ballad is a departure from Misfits typical stylings but works so well within the album and is a brilliant showcase of Micheal Graves amazing vocals on the track. Enjoy the Pro String upgrades for this one!

Helena is one of the songs off Famous Monsters based on a horror movie, this one being based on “Boxing Helena”, in which a Surgeon obsesses with a woman who’s limbs he amputates to keep her captive.

This song’s highlights are its fast paced drum sections and strong opening/closing riff.

London Dungeon released in a EP titled “3 Hits from Hell”. It was written by Glenn Danzig and Bobby Steele while in jail for involvement in a fight which led to them being arrested.

The songs haunting echoes mimics that of the Prison Cell the band members were stuck in and plays just as well with its vocals and instrumentals dotting this fast paced punk track.

Custom by El Fish. Venue, Harmonies, Extras and Preview by KrisAngel.

From their “Technical” debut Album; Walk Among Us, comes “I Turned Into a Martian”. This song follows many of their other hits by theming around Horror film iconography and settings.

Following a similar structure to much of their early music, this song is a extremely fast-paced to the point song with a fun rhythm to enjoy on all instruments.

The second track in their “Debut” album, Static Age was recorded in 1978 but never saw its full release until 1996. The song TV Casualty is simply about a person obsessed with TV to a unhealthy extent, to which the songs lyrics explicitly go into detail about.

A very repetitive rhythm on strings but enjoyable sing-along tune for the whole band, this song is pure hard hitting quick punk.

Crass lyricism at its finest, this song (probably) details the last days of a criminal awaiting the final embrace of death. A symphonic tune with great hooks, the songs instrumentals help flesh out the finality presented in this Last Caress.

So you may be privy that this is already in the C3 Database however. Sometimes when deciding songs to work on the idea of working on a certain song excites me more than the thought of seeing if it’s already in the database…

That being said there is nothing wrong with the version of this song that has already been uploaded. As far as differences go there are some harmony differences as well as that I used a different mastering of the song. Feel free to decide between both versions for whichever you prefer!

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