“Fronteras” by División Minúscula

Fronteras is the first live album of División Minúscula.

On this album they created new versions of great songs, great successes and great memories of this band from Matamoros Tamaulipas (Mexico).

The band also took the Fronteras concert to other places in the Mexican Republic, filling all the places where they went.

Fronteras is an album that contains completely new sounds for each of the songs of División Minúscula.

After 20 years of music, it was the right time for his songs to transform and take on a new meaning through the more organic and acoustic side, backed by the six key pieces of Division Minúscula, plus friends who joined the recording like Carla Sariñana, Pipe Ceballos and Luis Fara.


  1. Un Beso Al Aire Y Un Tiro Al Pecho
  2. Cada Martes
  3. Altamar
  4. Frenesí
  5. Humanos Como Tú
  6. Sognare
  7. Casa De Cristal
  8. Juego
  9. Préstame Tu Piel
  10. Las Luces De Esta Ciudad
  11. Cursi
  12. Me Tomé Una Pastilla
  13. Año Nuevo
  14. Maquillaje

This album is something that we have been working together with the discography of this band, so it makes us very happy to see this album available to the public, in addition to being one of the last albums before finishing with this incredible discography.

División Minúscula in “Sirenas” are:
-Javier Blake: Voice, Acustic guitar
-Alex Luque: Bass
-Kiko Blake: Drums
-Ricci Pérez: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Acustic guitar
-Efrén Barón: Lead guitar
-Rodrigo Montfort (Bucho): Keyboards, Chorus voice
-Carla Sariñana: Chorus voice
-Pipe Ceballos: Percussion
-Luis Fara: Acustic guitar

Andrés (andrew etg)
Marcos (Qweflol)

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