Chart-a-thon 2021 Day 6, Slot 1: Paramore Project Finale

WE FINALLY MADE IT!! It only took us like what… 6 years so bring the project to a close. We started this project on a whim to just release a pack of Paramore songs from the Self-Titled album, never did we think we would take on EVERY album that Paramore has released. We did have some obstacles along the way including a hiatus that lasted roughly around 2-3 years (we were focusing on our own individual releases) but the project never officially disbanded. A lot of hours were spent on this project making sure everything was ready and to a decent standard that would be respected by anyone who played these songs. We even took the time to re-visit some of our previous releases to give them updates to bring them up to that standard. We do have plans to go back and eventually fix up some songs from previous albums but nothing is set in stone at the moment.

Paramore has been one of those bands that I’ve consistently been drawn to from a young age, ever since the 2nd album I’ve been hooked on this band.
Ever since the Self-Titled album got released I must have at least 3 years worth of hours listen time cause I’m that addicted to the music that this band makes. There’s just something about what they bring to the plate that just connects with me on so many levels. The latest album in my eyes is pure perfection, taking an 80s inspired approach to their music was honestly genius.

Anyway I’m just riffing now, I’m glad to say that the project has reached its closure and we can bring this chapter of our charting careers to a close.
Thanks again to everyone that has supported us in our attempts to get this project finished, it’s been a long time coming.

Here’s what Ultimate_MANG0 has to say on the project.

Ultimate_MANG0 – Paramore gud
album best
now download

JIManji – Plz donate

Ultimate_MANG0 – MANG0 did most

JIManji – F*** OFF

Ultimate_MANG0 – ads that too

All We Know is Falling Album –

The Summer Tic EP –

Singles Club –

After Laughter Album –

If you download these songs, we would appreciate if you could please donate $1 per song or more to the charity, you can find the donate button at

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