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12 Days of Chartmas 2022 Day 9 Slot 2: Yami_Q_ray Pack

Merry Chartmas!

Hiya! For the 12 Days of Chartmas, I’m here to release the songs performed by Yami_Q_ray from the movie “Macross Δ: Zettai LIVE!!!!!!”

Yami_Q_ray is basically a evil clone of the group Walküre from the Macross series, and their songs are darker and more intense to match.

Glow in the dark

The opening song of the movie, also used in their first appearance. Are you ready to rock into a world filled with madness?


Diva in Abyss

A song about devastation, bringing the sound of the end. Deep down, do you wish to be evil as well?


Kirei na Hana niwa Doku ga Aru

Go mad with the temptation of the pure white flower! But be careful, these beautiful flowers are poisonous.


Up next is a pack of songs by Yaniv and Bat Ramps!

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