C3 Legacy

The Twelve Days of Customs, Day Ten

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Day 10’s song is from unstoppable authoring machine and C3 admin farottone!

Here’s what farottone has to say:

So, it’s Xmas time and you’re getting all these gifts from us: amazing! But, wait a minute, what are you gonna give US? Well, since you brought it up, let me suggest one small thing. See, authoring a song takes a lot of time and it really drains you. And most of our amazing authors don’t actually play, during their usual gaming sessions, many of the instruments they author or care about animations or Hard/Medium/Easy difficulty levels. Why do they spend hours doing parts of the songs they will never use? Because they’re just so awesome that they want to give you the real deal, the best possible song they can deliver: that’s A LOT of hours dedicated just to make your RB sessions that awesome. And whenever fatigue, stress, frustration, etc. sets in, they all gain a huge amount of energy from one simple thing: knowing how much you like what they do and how much you appreciate their work.
So, during these Xmas holidays, while you’re sitting there playing one of the hundreds of songs you never thought would make it to the Rock Band platform, take a small break, log in to our forums, find the authors who gave you the songs you love and write them a simple thank you in a private message. Just think of how small a gesture it is to tell them why and how much you like what they give to you and how big of an impact it makes. Our authors love doing what they do but they love even more know that they made a difference.
And as for my gift to you, I chose a song I authored a while back, part of a big Culture Club pack that you in part already saw released. Karma Chameleon is an amazing song on vocals and it’s got that great beat that 80s songs used to have. I hope you will enjoy this #1 hit from my childhood as much as I loved authoring it. The reason I did this song is the same reason I do all my songs: my wife. She’s the one complaining if we miss our daily Rock Band session, she’s the one giving me strength to author my songs. So there you go, you know who to thank for the songs I author! :)
Merry Xmas everybody and please, send those PMs to our authors, they deserve all the appreciation they can get for the long hours they put in!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)

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  1. Awesome! Culture Club is a guilty pleasure band of mine, and this song was suspiciously missing from the pack, glad it’s here! Thankful for everything all the authors do!

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