Skinny Puppy Too Dark Park Album Release

Here is something I have been working on for the past couple of months to celebrate an amazing album from an amazing band. The release of Vancouver industrial legends Skinny Puppy’s sixth album Too Dark Park was a massive moment for the industrial music scene worldwide, having a massive influence on many artists since its release in 1990 until now, whether that is Nine Inch Nails or Tool or even newer industrial artists like Youth Code and 3TEETH. This album stood as the blueprint for what the genre can be pushed to sound like, and stands the test of time as still being a wild, experimental, carefully crafted chaotic masterpiece. I suggest that anyone who is even remotely interested in anything industrial or any number of the bands who have been adopting industrial sounds as of late to give this album a listen as it is one of the most essential listens in the genre. It makes for quite a fun play on Rock Band as well, with many unique and varied drum parts, fun bass lines, off-the-rails vocals and some of my favourite venue-work I’ve done to date.

A crushing opener with some memorable samples taken from an old LSD documentary. A fun drum solo but not too hard of a song all around.
Possibly my favourite on the album and my favourite Skinny Puppy track of all time. Always wanted to do this one. Was a challenge to chart, especially on drums, but I think it turned out great and is really fun to play on everything.
One of the fastest paced songs on the album, the song shines with its blast-beat-like drum part and engaging synth leads on guitar.
One of the less popular tracks, but still a fun play through especially with the fast 16th rhythms on drums.
A slower track that even features a bass solo! The drum rhythms of this song are very tom heavy, playing like as if it was an industrial Tool track.
Another one of my favourites on the album, this song features a wild and distorted bass line with some very unique drum patterns.
An industrial banger, this one makes for a fun and exciting play on all instruments, coming out as probably the toughest track on the album band-wise.
This song has more of a metal vibe with crunchy riffs driving the whole song. The drum part here is still extra fun and not something you would find in your average metal track. Gives early Ministry a run for its money.
A spooky track that ends up towards the end of the album. Haunting lyrics and moody synths give this track a great vibe. My girlfriend’s personal favourite and one of the main reasons I decided to just do the whole album.
A very scary outro to the album that features a wild drum part that plays like one giant drum solo as well as Hellraiser samples that are played on keys. Sounds like the end of the world.

That concludes Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park. I will have more customs coming now that this project has been finished, so look out for that! Thanks and I hope you all enjoy!

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