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Chart-a-thon 2023 Day 14: Finale!

Hello everyone! We have reached the start of 2024 and the end of 2023’s Chart-a-thon and boy, what a year it was! With enough songs to play one per day for the rest of 2024 and then some there has been a lot of amazing content from a lot of amazing authors. A huge thank you to all who participated, whether it was as an author or as a player.

Just as a reminder this whole event is to support charity so please remember to donate if you are able! Again, it’s not mandatory, so no problem if you can’t, but every penny goes to helping those who need it! – National Down Syndrome Society – Down Syndrome Association of Miami

And now the final batch of songs for the event!!!

DaUsername (Mr. Person)



Guitar and Drums by Kamotch, Bass, Vocals, and Keys by Yaniv

It’s been a long time coming, but Yaniv and I finally bring you this indie-pop classic. The album it’s from, If You’re Feeling Sinister, is often ranked among the best albums of the ‘90s. But even among the songs from that album, this stands out as a highlight. It’s not super flashy or complicated, but it’s sure to get your foot tappin’ and your head swingin’.


Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!


Despite the fact that I’ve been releasing a lot of Japanese content in this event, let’s move on to their neighbor, Korea. So, I used to watch some Korean dramas back in my college days (thanks to that one ex-gf), with “Dream High” being my personal favorite, and that time I had a massive crush on the character that was portrayed by IU. Now, after listening to her music again, I decided to bring one of her hits, “LILAC,” to Rock Band. A catchy, melancholic song about the memories of youth.

A revamped version of a FoF chart I released in 2015, now with full instruments. NoGoD, formerly known as “Shinkou Shukyou Gakudan Nogod,” established itself as one of the big names in the JRock scene. Aozora (translated as Blue Sky) is an instrumental track featuring technical skills from the band. A great song for jamming and showing your skills!


Hypocrisy has maintained a significant presence in the death metal scene, and their ability to blend brutality with melody has earned them a dedicated fanbase. “Unleash the Beast” is likely appreciated by fans of death metal who enjoy a combination of intense aggression and melodic elements in their music.

Get your guitar, your microphone, and your drums ready! If you enjoy the flamboyant and technically proficient style of glam metal, particularly with a focus on virtuous guitar playing, this is your song and your challenge!


One of the ending songs from the visual novel “Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-“. A story about a vampire princess from the moon, you know, normal stuff.

At the end of the story when the credits rolled, this song played and it very quickly became one of my favorite songs.


This song is the most famous song in the Love Live! series, and it is still relevant over 10 years after it’s release! It was last performed at the Love Live! and THE iDOLM@STER collaboration concert in December 2023, as a surprise to everyone who was watching. It’s been over six years since I first released this custom, and I have learned a lot since then. So every part has been remade and revised for accuracy and fun.

Hey! For the last time this Chart-a-thon, Yaniv here. I’m very happy to contribute a few classic singles to the finale of this great event. Hope you’ve enjoyed the material. Let’s go:

Scottish alternative band The Jesus & Mary Chain deliver a surprisingly romantic classic duet between singer Jim Reid and Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. A classic of indie music!

Going even further back into indie classics, Television’s “Marquee Moon” is an album that influenced pretty much the entire genre, and I’m happy to bring another song from it – the classic jam “Venus”, full of great guitar lines and drums!

Moving a bit more into the hard rock mainstream, this Deep Purple banger from their 1984 reunion album makes me nostalgic, and is just a great song on every instrument!

While the Sinéad O’Connor cover is most well-known and was authored long ago, more recently the Prince original was released and it provides a different, rockier and fresh track on this classic. So enjoy playing this huge tune – as originally performed by its legendary author!

Further back, alternative hero Lou Reed with “Satellite of Love”, yet another great tune from his classic “Transformer” album, this time with some magnificent keys and drums!

The Kinks are yet another legendary band, and “Death of a Clown” – originally a solo tune by Dave Davies – is a brilliant tune from their classic “Something Else by the Kinks” record.

A Neil Young classic, “Helpless” is one of CSNY’s most prominent song and a highlight of their album Déjà vu. Along with “Ohio”, it’s the most famous song Neil has ever contributed to CSNY, and as always has some beautiful harmonies!

Tom Waits is another old favorite of mine, and after releasing “Dead and Lovely” as a part of our indie projects, I went back to his roots and the very first album Closing Time – with this beautiful country-influenced track.

Another country classic, Willie Nelson is a legend for a very good reason, and the concept album “Red Headed Stranger” is probably his best work. The title track from this record available to you now!

Going back all the way from the 50’s, I’ve noticed our DB has songs from Hank Williams Jr and even the third – but not the OG! You know, the real legendary one! So here’s a true classic from one of the pioneers of country music – and popular music in general.

Going forward again, John Lennon clearly needs no introducing, and “Cold Turkey” is a classic about Lennon’s struggles fighting his heroin addiction, Cold Turkey style. Also includes Ringo on drums, some guitar bends played apparently by Eric Clapton, and an extended outro of Lennon screaming into the mic, basically miming his Cold Turkey experience.

I’ve had this Stones classic sitting around for a while, so let’s go. While I was beaten to releasing it by a few days SkyDown (can only blame myself for sitting on it…), this version also has harmonies so I’ll release it anyway, and you choose your favorite!

Finally, I’ve decided to finish my contribution to Chart-a-thon with the final Beatles song. This beautiful tune was originally recorded by John Lennon in 1977, the three remaining Beatles have worked on it in 1994 before abandoning it, and finally it was released in 2023, in this final version including all four Beatles. Many thanks to CapnKris for venue and reviewing the charts!


Here is a small pack of 2 songs by the Portland, Oregon band The Thermals! I originally discovered them from playing Skate 3 all the way back in 2010 and previously charted another song from this album; ‘A Pillar of Salt’! (psst go download that too…) It took me until recently to really dig more into their albums and I honestly really fell in love with their sound more and more and was compelled to chart more of their tracks! If you like fast-paced indie-punk-y rock then check these out!

Le Fish
Introducing: “A tour around latin america” (part 1) A setlist made by me (fish) and highfine for Clone Hero (and Rock Band in the future) in which we try to capture the best of the music of each Latin American country, therefore, it is one band for each country… but for this occasion I will only present 7 of the 18 countries that we have planned in our repertoire:

For Puerto Rico we have: Daddy Yankee – Salgo Pa’ La Calle (ft. Randy)

Daddy Yankee is a Reggaeton artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that has been widely regarded as one of the most notorious arists in the genre, and a huge inspiration to much of the urban latino music scene, releasing his first album “No Mercy” in 1995. This song comes from the soundtrack of the movie “Talento de Barrio”, a crime thriller that has Daddy Yankee acting as Edgar, the protagonist.

For Venezuela we have: Caramelos de Cianuro – El Caracol

Caramelos de Cianuro is a band formed all the way back in 1989 on the city of Caracas, Venezuela. Starting out as a sort of funk rock group similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band had a bit of an identity crisis, producing their 2nd album “Harakiri City”, which aside from having truly beautiful cover art, showcases a rarely ever seen heavier, more metal side of the band. They would immediately hard pivot back to more commercial sounds, turning into a successful Pop Rock band coming into the 2000s

For Colombia we have: Aterciopelados – Baracunátana (Lisandro Meza cover)

Aterciopelados are a band from Colombia formed in 1992. A “baracunatana” refers to a woman that has many affairs with different men, a term basically coined into existance by Lisandro Meza, the artist that originally recorded the song.

For Mexico we have: Joliette – Juan Matón

Joliette is a post-hardcore band formed in Puebla, Mexico (though they label themselves as “post-everything”). They released 2 eps and 3 albums before vocalist/guitarist Fernando Obregón left the band in 2020, with bassist Gastón Prado taking up the role.

For Ecuador we have: Alkaloides – Degenerar

Alkaloides is a Post-Punk band formed in 2010 on the city of Quito, Ecuador by university friends Carlos Espinosa and Nicolás Meneses, shortly joined by now ex-members Leonardo Morales and Jose Virgelina. They released their first EP in 2011, and later on, their 2014 self titled debut album that was more professionally produced.

For Chile we have: La Floripondio – Evitando Lo Que No Quiero

La Floripondio originates from Valparaiso, Chile, and exhibited an interesting blend of Ska, Reggae, cumbia and heavy metal on their first couple albums. Later on, frontman Aldo Asenjo would form the highly successful cumbia group Chico Trujillo.

And finally (atm), for Argentina we have: Invisible – Perdonado (Niño Condenado)

Invisible was a band formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1973 by prolific musicians Luis Alberto Spinetta, Machi Rufino and Pomo Lorenzo, as a sort of progressive rock supergroup, releasing 3 albums throughout their short 4 year tenure. By the time of their 3rd album “El Jardín de los Presentes”, a young guitar virtuoso, Tomás Gubitsch, joined the band. The song “Perdonado (Niño Condenado)” is actually about a white dog called Amapola, who Spinetta imagined as a kid that was forgiven the burden of being human

laSg14, RazQ, and Bansheeflyer

iaSg – Guitar, Bass
RazQ – Drums, Vocals, Venue
Bansheeflyer – Keys, Harmonies, Miscellaneous fixes

2023 saw the release of the long-awaited sequel to Alan Wake aptly titled Alan Wake 2. It won a ton of accolades at the annual Game Awards but none for best soundtrack, which is kind of amusing considering they had the cast and band Old Gods of Asgard (the in-universe fictional version of the real-world band Poets of the Fall) do a live performance of the game’s opus magnum, “Herald of Darkness”. Since the game hasn’t been out that long I won’t spoil anything but I will say this song is a very important part of the game and was an absolute blast to experience.

You’ll have as much fun with this song in Rock Band as much as you did in Alan Wake with a fast-paced beat, intricate vocals, and insane guitar solos. Originally built off laSg14’s guitar and bass chart for Clone Hero, the full band experience has been brought to you by a collaborative effort and a lot of hours to bring this 13-and-a-half-minute epic to your living room. Or den. Or arena. Or wherever you have your Rock Band parties.

While I have you here, you may have noticed that while we were developing this chart another user, K.TURN, beat us to the punch slightly with their own version of “Herald of Darkness”, check their version out as well!

If you enjoyed this release and event, please consider donating to the National Down Syndrome Society if you can! It isn’t required by any means, but it supports a phenomenal cause by empowering individuals with Down syndrome and their families!

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  1. Thank you to everyone involved for another amazing chart-a-thon, so many great songs have been contributed that I look forward to playing (and I’ve played a great deal of them already)!

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