D Para Drama

D Para Drama is the second studio album by the band Tolidos, originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

After what seemed like the disappearance of the Tolidos band, they would return with a new album, a new sound and with new members, thus releasing their second material.

An album in which each song is part of the hearts of many, since the lyrics of all its songs are part of the same story that deals with a romantic tragedy. On the other hand, the harmonic integration that the D Para Drama album has is something that few groups can boast of. “Chill&Out”

The customs songs from D Para Drama:

Yo Me Pierdo… Acabo (Download link)
De Esta Despedida (Download link)
Mueres Por Hacerlo (Download link)
Perderme (Download link)
Ultimo Baile (Download link)
Más Cencerro (Download link)
Corriendo (Download link)
El Mundo Puede Esperar (Download link)
No Eres Tu (Download link)
Arde En Fuego (Download link)
Mejor Error (Download link)
Hasta Hoy (Download link)
Huellas Por Rastrear (Download link)

This is an album that I loved being able to share it and I hope that those who try it can enjoy this great material from this band

Tolidos in D Para Drama are:
Luis Cortes: Vocal, Guitar
Gerardo Hernández: Guitar Lead
Armando Arzaga: Bass
Damian Jaime: Drums

In this customs:
andrew etg: Guitar, bass, drums, key, animations, vocals, harmonics
Qweflol: Vocals, harmonics
Henryhdz13: Venue, animations
SkyDown: Previews
Tobio8158: Preview De Esta Despedida
UnTalKarim: Clone Hero album preview

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