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Chart-a-thon 2021 Day 22, Slot 2: Aqours Winter Vacation

Welcome back to another release for Chart-a-Thon!

Hiya! It’s been a while since my last release but hey, I get to use my powers to make posts for the first time, isn’t that neat?

I absolutely love releasing packs of songs for these charity events, and I hope you all will love what I am here to release today!

For Chart-a-thon 2021, I’m here today to release an album from Aqours all about the winter time! “Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo & Trio Collection CD Vol. 2 Winter Vacation.”

Kimochi mo Yume mo Issho da ne!

A song performed by Hanamaru Kunikida and Ruby Kurosawa; this is an upbeat song about wanting to play in the snow!

Namida ga Yuki ni Naru Mae ni

A song about unchanging feelings, this duet with Kanan Matsuura and Mari Ohara will pierce through the freezing winds!

Misty Frosty Love

The feeling of love and cloudy thoughts, this melancholic duet between Riko Sakurauchi and You Watanabe will have your heart skip a beat!

Party! Party! PaPaPaParty!

What’s a party without a little chaos? Chika Takami, Dia Kurosawa, and Yoshiko Tsushima get together to sing about all the fun they will have getting ready for a Christmas party!

Please take a moment to consider the members of the community who are no longer with us today. If you download any of these songs, we would all appreciate a donation of $1 or more to Chart-a-thon.

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