Celebrating Comfort Eagle’s 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago today, on July 24th, 2001, alternative rock band CAKE released the album Comfort Eagle. It garnered multiple award nominations with a focus on it’s lead single Short Skirt / Long Jacket. Characterized by John McCrea’s cynical wit and infectiously hummable melodies, Comfort Eagle quickly became a staple of pop radio. Though the album peaked at number 13 on the billboards, it was well-received by the music listening public. It was certified gold in the February of 2003. Even now CAKE fans debate whether Fashion Nugget or Comfort Eagle is the real poster child of the CAKE discography. Though which ever side of the divide they may fall, most will concede it’s a tight debate.

Despite it’s success, the album passed me by at the time. I was only a child, with little autonomy over the radio and a father with a fondness for Zeppelin. But even despite this, it was impossible to deny how influential the album’s influence ran. You’d hear the jingles and infectious choruses everywhere. In commercials. In shopping malls. By the time I delved into the album in my adult life, I was shocked how much of the album’s runtime had already been committed to heart from cultural osmosis.

Comfort Eagle and Rock Band already share a long history together. Many of our talented customs authors have charted selections from the album over the years. Even Harmonix made their contribution with the ever popular anthem Short Skirt / Long Jacket and the titular Comfort Eagle. Today, on the 20th anniversary of this land mark album I bring you the remainder of the album in full. Seven excellent tracks to play with the whole band. Featuring full band, harmonies, and pro keys: these selections will prove to be great additions to your party playlist.

Big thank you to community favorite author MrPrezident, who contributed the vocal and harmony charts for Meanwhile, Rick James… Mr. Prezident also charted Pretty Pink Ribbon from this album in 2019. If you haven’t already, consider picking it up to round off your collection!

Until next time folks!

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