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August 21, 2015 – An insane amount of Rush and more classic metal!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only. Video recording courtesy of Lowlander.

C3 releases for August 21, 2015:
New! Rush C02 17-pack (DoNotPassGo, ejthedj, farottone, Drihscol)

  • Rush – “Finding My Way” (1974 – Rush)
  • Rush – “By-Tor & the Snow Dog” (1975 – Fly by Night)
  • Rush – “Lakeside Park” (1975 – Caress of Steel)
  • Rush – “A Farewell to Kings” (1977 – A Farewell to Kings)
  • Rush – “La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise in Self-Indulgence)” M (1978 – Hemispheres)
  • Rush – “Freewill” X (1980 – Permanent Waves)
  • Rush – “The Analog Kid” (1982 – Signals)
  • Rush – “Distant Early Warning” 2x (1984 – Grace Under Pressure)
  • Rush – “The Big Money” 2x (1985 – Power Windows)
  • Rush – “Force Ten” (1987 – Hold Your Fire)
  • Rush – “The Pass” (1989 – Presto)
  • Rush – “Bravado” (1991 – Roll the Bones)
  • Rush – “Stick It Out” (1993 – Counterparts)
  • Rush – “Driven” (1996 – Test for Echo)
  • Rush – “Earthshine” (2002 – Vapor Trails)
  • Rush – “Far Cry” 2x (2007 – Snakes & Arrows)
  • Rush – “BU2B” 2x (2012 – Clockwork Angels)

New! Classic Metal C01 5-pack

  • Black Sabbath – “Heaven and Hell” (Nunchuck and Sygenysis ft. farottone)
  • Black Sabbath – “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (ws54)
  • Iron Maiden – “Be Quick or Be Dead” (farottone and Puppetz)
  • Megadeth – “Mechanix” 2x (AddyMilldike)
  • UFO – “Too Hot to Handle” (ws54 and CrazyCanuck)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass charts, a blue M denotes full multitracks, a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals), and a rusty 2x denotes that a 2x Bass Pedal version is also available. FtV denotes a song previously released by a C3 author outside of C3.

Despite the community’s best efforts to prove otherwise, certain bands and genres simply work better for Rock Band. The introduction of Keys really widened our scope, and that’s a good thing! But sometimes you just want to settle down with a blisteringly technical or difficult chart and smile as your crowd meter drops. Rush is one of the ultimate examples of a band tailor-made for this, and we already have all of Moving Pictures (thanks, Harmonix!), both sides of 2112 (a collaborative effort!), and no fewer than 15 other Rush singles. Today’s release brings our total number of Rush tracks to 45! Ayn Rand would be proud. And, not to be outdone, the metalheads show how fun and hard their songs can be with four classics of the genre. If you like these, check out our Metal Origins pack, too!
DoNotPassGo says:

The Rush mega-pack comes in celebration of both Rush’s current R40 Tour, and in celebration of their 40+ years together as a group. Included in this pack is a single off of 17 different studio albums, starting from their first group album (with original drummer John Rutsey) “Rush” [1974] all the way to their more recent “Clockwork Angels” [2012].
Rush tends to be hit or miss for a lot of people. I do not believe that I’ve ever honestly heard anyone say, “Rush? Eh, they’re alright.” It’s usually a love/hate relationship. Those vocals aren’t for everyone ha.
However, regardless of your feelings toward the band itself, Rush charts are almost always fun as hell to play. If you mainly play the drums, I would advise picking up most if not all of this pack. No questions asked. Do you usually get stuck playing bass with your friends? Pick this us, and you’ll be having as much, if not more fun, then them on guitar.
Like them or hate them, more Rush is here. I hope you enjoy!

Authors’ comments for this week’s songs:

  • “La Villa Strangiato” – DNPG writes, “I’m very excited to release this song knowing that it comes with Multi-Tracks for the instruments. This projects comes as likely the most difficult drum song of the bunch, and know that this is without a huge abundance of ghost notes that we really can’t chart. I may release an Other Customs down the road with the full notes/chart… so be on the lookout for that! Big shout to Drihscol who used his audio knowledge to help adjust the stems into a better audio experience. This project also included custom practice sections depicting the lyrical story that accompanies this lyric-less song.”
  • “Freewill” – DNPG writes, “Drihscol stepped up with this project. Not only did he help to release one of the more highly requested Rush songs floating around, but he was also was able to include Pro Guitar and Bass charts as well. Huge addition to this pack.”
  • “Earthshine” – DNPG writes, “Any Rush fan knows the issues concerning the release of several of their more recent albums caused from compression, loudness, and somewhat poor mixing. Vapor Trails was likely the worse offender of them all. Thankfully, the Rush studio released a remixed version of this album in 2013 with new mixing… and the songs sound a lot better. Earthshine is one of my favorite live rush songs, and this version corrected many issues from the original release.”
  • “Finding My Way” – DNPG writes, “Not many people (Rush fans included) know that much or really listen to the first self-titled album. With a more Blues-type feel, and original drummer John Rutsey on track… this album tends to slip through the cracks. However, Finding My Way ended up being a pretty exciting project to have for Rock Band. I advise anyone who may not know too well of this album to pick this up and try it… the song ends up being very catchy, and the instruments are all pretty much fun.”
  • “The Pass” – DNPG writes, “While one of the less difficult songs in this pack, this beautiful song is likely one of my top Rush songs off all time. Peart’s lyrics work magically along with the softer instruments to create an experience that seems pretty special for a big pack such as this. We applied a Black and White venue filter over the entire song to help visually connect the player even deeper into the song, and the duplicate the effects seen in the music video. Big recommendation here.”
  • “Mechanix” – Addy writes, “Fans of Metallica may recognise the riff being similar to The Four Horsemen. That’s because Dave Mustaine wrote that song! But Metallica decided to slow it down. ‘Mechanix’ is what ‘The Four Horsemen’ originally sounded like. Fast and difficult to play!”
  • “Too Hot to Handle” – ws54 writes, “UFO was considered metal in the 70’s. Today I’d call them hard rock.  It just depends how you want to classify ‘Classic’ metal. This song is fun on all instruments.”

Fixes uploaded in the last week to previous C3 releases:

  • Herman’s Hermits – “No Milk Today”: Removed stubby sustains from Keys/Pro Keys

See you next Friday!

New! Rush C02 17-pack

Download the whole pack in a single file
Download the whole pack in a single file (2x Bass Pedal)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

New! Classic Metal C01 5-pack

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

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