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The Twelve Days of Customs 2014, Day Two

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Day two’s song is from Colonel 32dll!
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Happy Holidays Customs Fans, I’m Colonel 32dll.
You might know me from the C3 forums. I was recently bestowed with the honorable title of “C3 Author” and this custom will be my first offering as such. I hope it brings you some Chistmas joy.
Since I was given some room to blather, I’d like to fill it with thanks to everyone who has been a part of the C3 project, from the admins to the occasional downloader. If you feel this post might be too long, this would be a good place to stop reading since that last sentence just about sums it up.
The C3 administrators have dedicated themselves to this project far more than many people realize and they should know how much this is appreciated. C3 would simply never existed without the vision of a specific few people. For over twenty months we have been provided with consistently high-quality weekly releases, forums for discussion, continued software development for easier/better authoring, advice, instructions and tutorials, full album customs – even the incredibly impactful Genesis Chronicles. The admins are captaining well the ship they have built.
Without great authors, though, there would be no ship to captain. The hours poured into deconstructing a song and rebuilding it in Reaper alone can be innumerable – and you’d better love the song you’re working on because it will be stuck in your head for weeks. Tempo mapping, charting rules, venues, animations, practice sections, lipsync – all things that are behind-the-scenes but just as important as placing “gems” or vocal “tubes” and all very time-consuming; and there’s never enough time.
Then there are the play testers, the unsung heroes of the customs world. When’s the last time a custom was released and you read “Hey, great job playtesting this tune, thanks!”? Play testers often work with songs they don’t care about in order to help ensure the custom plays and “feels” right and they do so in obscurity. They’re almost as under-appreciated as authors who chart pro guitar and pro bass.
Every custom goes through an unseen process taking weeks or even months before it can be delivered to the community – and the community is what this is all about. There’d be no point to C3 if not for people downloading and enjoying the fruits of its labor, so thank you all for being a part of the C3 community helping make this a reality.
Happy Holidays!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)

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