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The Twelve Days of Customs 2014, Day Six


Day six’s songs are from RyanHYK and uSound!
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RyanHYK writes:

Hello, folks. I’m RyanHYK. Most of you know me as the guy that supplied about half of our original punk rock content, even if it only consists of Simple Plan, Against Me!, and a whole bunch of Blink-182. I’m a guy that prefers to do singles, though may throw in packs or contribute to them to spice things up a bit. Though let’s get into that whole rhythm game history thing we do.
My first foray into plastic instruments was Guitar Hero 2 for PS2. I was hooked from the first time I played “War Pigs” on a Best Buy demo kiosk. That game’s the sole reason I did “Who Was In My Room Last Night”. Working my way up to an Expert player was quite the feat for me.
Then Rock Band came out, and what a Christmas that was. Christmas was spent mostly playing the game with my two brothers, though they probably remember it best from me really selling “Sabotage” on vocals.
Then Rock Band 2 came out, with probably the best songlist a music game can have. Fact: “Hungry Like the Wolf” is the best beginner’s song ever. I remember my first day playing it and completing the band challenges with my online friends. Great way to unlock most of the songs. Remember needing to unlock songs? What was up with that?
When the Rock Band Network came around, I had already been aware of the customs scene. I started making customs just to see if I could, usually trying pop songs since they’re most often done on a metronome. With enough practice and the help of dudes with actual recording equipment, I was able to land a job as the official venue guy for Noisy Puppet. Everyone check out “The Hounds of Anubis” by the Word Alive in Rock Band 2. That’s probably my best venue work.
When Rock Band 3 came along, I was jumping between Chart Toppers and That Authoring Group, where I expanded to charting other instruments. Then when the Network died out, I discovered C3, and one ABBA song later, here I am.
As of now, and regarding “official” releases, I’ve been the sole provider of Primus songs. I’d have to say that Primus is probably one the the most difficult bands to chart, since it consists of guys who have unconventional approaches to the instruments they play. This includes Les Claypool on vocals, as conventionally, most vocalists sing well. Here, I bring the often requested “Too Many Puppies”, a song I did mostly because it’s probably the easiest Primus song I could chart. So yeah, you’re getting this song because I’m feeling a bit lazy (I’m probably going through one of my burnout phases), but if you bassists out there are finally looking for a challenge or are just sick of showing off “Hysteria” to your friends, look no further.

And uSound writes:

Picking “All Falls Down” was a no brainer for me and my brother (we’re like an authoring duo, but I’m the spokesperson) since we’re major fans of Kanye West and knew his music probably wouldn’t grace the game of Rock Band otherwise. AFD is a song that we felt most fit the standard band layout while also keying in on one of the more important Kanye West songs for us and for his career. The song comes from the Grammy winning debut album which was a breath of new air for mainstream hip hop, signifying a turn from the gangsta focused hip hop that dominated at the time. He speaks on more introspective things about the way people behave, specifically self-consciousness and insecurity. For C3, we feel that this song will be a breath of fresh air as well, since hip hop is one of the more underrepresented genres in Rock Band.
C3 really is something special that a lot of people work really hard for. All the rookies and all the pros put in the work to maintain happiness in a community mostly forgotten about by the mainstream. And that’s awesome. We should celebrate ourselves, not just the songs that get posted. Every song that has been released this year are the best songs to be released this year because everyone making them decided that this game is worth their time. Here’s to another year of community and another year of Rock Band.

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)

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