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The End of Days: An animated look at the last 2.5 years

I’m not very talented at directing or editing videos, but for some reason I find myself time and again making and sharing videos, both in my personal life and in my involvement with C3. In preparation for our last release this Friday, I’ve put together a video that more or less retraces our steps through 30 months of releases, from when C3 was just an idea in an e-mail chain, to last week’s amazing release.
There’s just so much content that it was very challenging choosing what to highlight, but I tried my best to cover the important milestones. My goal was to show how through its releases, C3 integrated the many cultures of its members, celebrated several holidays with what we consider the C3 family, and shared songs from some of the most highly requested artists in Rock Band history.
The ending highlights not only why we are stopping our weekly releases, but also how the community will live on through the legacy left by C3. We have established an amazing community, we have released an amazing body of work comprised of nearly 1,700 songs, and we have provided you with the tools and tutorials to ensure the creation of custom content for this great game never ends.
I know not all of you have 20 minutes of your life to dedicate to a sappy video, so there’s a also a condensed version with just the beginning and the end of our journey. If all you have is 5 minutes, watch that version. But if you can, it would really mean a lot to me and to us if you checked out the full version.
And if the video makes you half emotional as it made us, you might want to prepare yourself with some excuses for why your eyes are so, well, watery…

Long version:

Short version:

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