“Sirenas” is the third studio album by the band División Minúscula, which contains 11 songs, counting their 3 singles “Control” “Tan Fuerte, Tan Frágil” and “Las Luces De Esta Ciudad”

At this point in their career, Minuscule Division faced the departure of their guitarist, so it was a great challenge to have the band enter the studio to record it.

According to Alejandro Luque, member and main bassist of the band, the name derives from the Siren, a mythological sea creature “that made sailors lose their temper in a romantic and at the same time tragic way”, also from sirens or alarm systems since you are warning about an event.

Song list of Sirenas:

  1. Control
  2. Negligencia (El Último Linaje De Hombres Lobo)
  3. Tan Fuerte, Tan Frágil
  4. Las Luces De Esta Ciudad
  5. Muriendo En Un Simulacro
  6. Préstame Tu Piel
  7. Maquillaje (De La Forma Más Romántica)
  8. Nuestro Crimen
  9. Millón
  10. Año Nuevo
  11. La Última Y Me Voy

División Minúscula in “Sirenas” are:
-Javier Blake: Voice, Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
-Alex Luque: Bass
-Kiko Blake: Drums
-Rodrigo Montfort (Bucho): Keyboards
-Efrén Barón: Live guitarrist

Andrés (andrew etg)
Marcos (Qweflol)

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