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The most prolific author of the last 5 years has a taste for art and Japan and has worked hard to bridge communities: we talked to her to discover her secrets

I’m from Chile”, Ghostbyob says, “specifically from the South. I earn my living working as a store manager, and I give guitar/piano lessons to people who want to get involved with the instrument. I discovered C3 by looking for new content and another community to work with more comfortably, as I originally published for fofix and Scorehero before the RB customs in 2007 at 2014.”

What’s your first memory of Rock Band?
“Enjoying a song by the Ramones in full band with some friends. My friends told me, <<you should play this, it’s similar to the GH, but now we can all play>>. I started to enter the world of rhythm games through Dance Dance Revolution, I enjoyed it a lot in the arcade after school.”

Did you make friends in the rhythm gaming world?

“I was one of those people who didn’t believe in sincere friendships on the Internet, since you never get to know a person. But I was surprised at how well you can communicate with another.
Since rhythm game communities are small, I was forced to learn to speak English, I’m still learning, but somehow I have learned more Japanese than English in these last few years haha.
About friendships, I could mention very nice people with whom I have been able to share sincerity, lately, I don’t speak much with them because I am very busy with my things, but people like Farottone, Atupomaruru have been very helpful in my life to see how great it is to live, and they are people to whom I have an important space in my heart.”

An artistic life

I would say that drawing is one of my greatest passions in life, I try to recreate what comes into my head as best I can, like a dream or a strong emotion. Once I finish it, it gives me a sense of liberation and peace. It’s like having a dialogue with the book.”

“One of my favorite bands has always been Iron Maiden since I was a kid. I found them very original and is one of the few bands that are very easy to recognize within the world of metal, their melodic guitars and voice intonations are one of the qualities that I highlight, and that has never changed over the years.”

Is there a person in your life who shaped you and that you are deeply grateful to?
“Honestly, there was always the letter of surrender in my life, but it’s been 5 years now that it no longer exists thanks to C3. It has been an inspiration to see successful people, with a very busy itinerary, but always having room for a talk, hobbies, never stop being themselves. So I wouldn’t say exactly one person, actually it’s a whole group of people that I’ve been inspired by to this day.”

Do you realize the content you author gives so many hours of fun to people and gives emotions just like the ones you have when you play a great song?

“I know that one of my biggest projects called J-Rock Band has been something in many people, I had the opportunity to hear very inspiring stories and messages from people saying how this is an enjoyable experience for them as well.
I’m really satisfied with the result that has generated something which took more than 5 years of constant content. I hope this continues for a long time, keeping offering a house for those players who love the genre and the game, at the same time trying to provide a house to protect and promote the content of other authors interested in the same.”

“Something that surprised me during the learning process, is that there are many ways to work with an audio track and achieve the same expected result. In addition, each track has a complex art behind it, even the small details.”

If people could see you for exactly what you want them to, how would they see you?
I’ve never really expected to project an image or been concerned about projecting an image, but if I could say how I’d like to be perceived, it would be that no matter what happens to you or how dark something is, you can always set out to design something and make it happen.

No matter what happens to you or how dark something is, you can always set out to design something and make it happen

What’s the first rule you always follow when authoring a song?
A tidy BPM is a clean working table, if you catch the measure in which all the instruments are synchronized with the minimum modification, it will be faster to work on each track.

Was there a moment where you thought “I’m gonna quit this, it’s too frustrating”?
“Yeah, there was a time when I questioned: <<Why I was still doing this if it’s for free, it’s a lot of work that could be invested in something that would bring me more personal benefit>>. But I found comfort in knowing that this is not just mine and that everything made is appreciated by many people.”

Is there someone who inspired you to author?
I would say that Farottone, since with him I saw that no matter how much you finish a project, you will always need to work on another one to keep a community active and more importantly, always have a backup of unreleased content to present during any situation or event required by the community.

If you could say “thank you!” to 3 people and only 3 in the C3 community, who would they be and why?

“I always let someone know how grateful I am by private message without any circumstance requiring it. Simply taking a few minutes to show how much they mean to you is the best way to thank them personally.

But if I had to mention some names, I would say:
1- Farottone, has been an inspiration as a leader and content creator.
2- Atupomaruru, who showed me that no matter what language you speak, you can always empathize and engage in conversation with a person at a distance.
3- TrojanNemo, who unfortunately is no longer active in the community, but who shows that one person can manage to do the work of a whole company without corrupting your mind.”

Tell us how you work, let our readers know what’s our process, if you rely on others, if you have tools you use, etc.
“I work a lot with the piano to set the limits within my charts, which helps me to speed up and order everything because I know what is the maximum and minimum that can be added. For the animation process, I use the atmospheric concept of a song which helps to give a better identity to each published work.
In C3, there is something very particular in front of the other communities, is that the collaboration and help are always available for everything that needs a chart or an author. You will find tools to facilitate the work like hyphenation, generator for lower difficulties, a more friendly way to create animations, encryption, mixing, etc.”

What advice would you feel a new author ansolutely must consider before jumping into this world?
“Learn to understand basic musical concepts such as what is low, what is high, and what is rhythm before working with this. Then try to integrate into the community to resolve any doubts, so you can be properly trained to work with the tools used and to make a control order in the tracks more cautious.”

Square or round gems?

C3 founders Espher, Nemo, Nyx, pksage: if they were The Beatles, who would be who?
Nemo as Ringo, Nyx as Harrison, Espher as McCartney, pksage as Lennon

One instrument must go: drums, vocals or guitar?

Put together the best band of all time with authors on vocals, drums, guitar, bass and keys: who plays what?
Kloporte as Drums, atupomaruru as Keys, farottone as Vocals, TheBassSinger as Bass, TheWay as Guitar.

Either 4-note chords or guitar on vocals becomes legal: do you riot or do you accept either of those?

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