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September 27, 2013 – '90s Pop 3-pack and Godsmack, with Maroon 5 and Buckethead FtV, RBHP upgrades, and Phase Shift support!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only.

New! 90 Degrees of Pop 3-pack

  • Edwyn Collins – “A Girl Like You” (farottone)
  • Hanson – “MMMBop” (drummerockband)
  • The Presidents of the United States of America – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (farottone)

New! Single

  • Godsmack – “Whatever” (RyanHYK)

From the Vault: Singles

  • Buckethead & Friends – “We Are One” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo)
  • Maroon 5 – “Harder to Breathe” M (TrojanNemo)
    Converted from Guitar Hero 5 DLC
  • Maroon 5 – “She Will Be Loved” M (TrojanNemo)
    Converted from Band Hero

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass, a blue M denotes full multitracks, and a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals).

Another special news bulletin! As of today, all C3 customs will also be available for Phase Shift! It might take us a few days to convert the entire back catalog, but yeah, everything we release will now work on your favorite Rock Band PC clone. TrojanNemo has been hard at work to make this possible, and an updated version of his custom song utility will be out soon to let you convert your own non-C3 customs to Phase Shift. Super cool!
Ah, the ’90s. A magical time. The Internet! Nirvana! The end of the Cold War (mostly)! But way more important than any of these things, obviously, is pop music. This week, farottone and drummerockband help us explore this wonderland. The pack includes Edwyn Collins’s “A Girl Like You” (1994), PotUS’s cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star” (1997), and Hanson’s iconic “MMMBop” (1997). Yep! You read that right. Bust it out at your next bar night and record it for us.
Continuing the ’90s theme (but definitely not the pop), RyanHYK also hooks us up with Godsmack’s “Whatever”. This song is the first single from the band’s 1998 debut album, which has since gone 4x Platinum. “Whatever” joins “I Stand Alone” as two well-known Godsmack songs in the RB library.
Two of this week’s FtV offerings also shore up a band’s RB presence. Maroon 5 has been in Rock Band since 2009, and with this week’s additions of “Harder to Breathe” and “She Will Be Loved”, we have pretty much all of their greatest hits. If you’re not sick of Adam Levine’s voice in every freaking song on the radio right now, these GH ports by TrojanNemo are the songs for you! If you prefer to break off a few fingers when you play, though, check out “We Are One”, authored by Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo. Buckethead is, well, Buckethead, and this song delivers what you would expect it to. And it has Serj Tankian!
Updates to these From the Vault songs vs. their original custom releases:

  • “Harder to Breathe” – New stems (w/ keys), added keys/PK charts, many drum fixes, many vocals fixes, new venue, new OD/fills/etc.
  • “She Will Be Loved” – New stems (w/ crowd audio), added keys/PK charts, added harmonies, many drum fixes, new venue, new OD/fills/etc.
  • “We Are One” – Changes to guitar and bass, new count-in, other small changes

Finally, we’ve also got a Rock Band Harmonies Project release today, from espher, MarsPhoenix, thomeval, and GreenPanda12! Upgraded songs include Metallica 01 and all of the European songs from that one week in 2008. This week even includes some Keys upgrades! Fancy! Check the bottom of this post for a full list of upgrades.
Upset that this ’90s pack didn’t include your favorite one-hit wonder? Author them yourself! Check out our authoring support forum for some resources to get you started.
See you next Friday!

New! 90 Degrees of Pop 3-pack

Edwyn Collins – “A Girl Like You” (farottone)

Hanson – “MMMBop” (drummerockband)

The Presidents of the United States of America – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (farottone)

New! Godsmack – “Whatever” (RyanHYK)

FtV: Buckethead & Friends – “We Are One” (Nightmare Lyre and TrojanNemo)

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

FtV: Maroon 5 – “Harder to Breathe” (TrojanNemo)

Additional authoring credit: Orange Harrison (audio mixing)

FtV: Maroon 5 – “She Will Be Loved” (TrojanNemo)

Additional authoring credit: RyanHYK (keys/PK)

Rock Band Harmonies Project – September 27, 2013

Rock Band DLC 2007 Harmony Upgrades

  • Metallica – “…And Justice for All” (espher)
  • Metallica – “Blackened” (espher)
  • Metallica – “Ride the Lightning” (espher)

Rock Band DLC 2008 Harmony Upgrades

  • The B-52’s – “Roam” (MarsPhoenix)
  • Blur – “Beetlebum” (espher)
  • H-Blockx – “Countdown to Insanity” (espher)
  • Juli – “Perfekte Welle” (espher)
  • Les Wampas – “Manu Chao” (espher)
  • Muse – “Hysteria” (espher)
  • Pleymo – “New Wave” (espher)
  • Tokio Hotel – “Monsoon” (thomeval)

Rock Band DLC 2009 Harmony Upgrades

  • Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives – “Entangled” (MarsPhoenix)
  • Mute Math – “Typical” (GreenPanda12)

Rock Band DLC 2010 Harmony Upgrades

  • The Subways – “Oh Yeah” (espher)
  • The Subways – “Rock & Roll Queen” (espher)

Rock Band 2 – 20 Free DLC Upgrades

  • The Cab – “Bounce” (espher & GreenPanda12)
  • The Len Price 3 – “If I Ain’t Got You” (espher)
  • Lesley Roy – “I’m Gone, I’m Going” (thomeval)
  • Opiate for the Masses – “Burn You Down” (espher)
  • Tickle Me Pink – “The Time is Wrong” (espher)

Rock Band Network Harmony Upgrades

  • Jonathan Coulton – “The Future Soon” (GreenPanda12) (includes prev. released pro drum upgrade)
  • Seether – “Remedy” (espher) (includes prev. released pro drum upgrade)

Rock Band Keys/Pro Keys Upgrades

  • The Cab – “Bounce” (MarsPhoenix)
  • Lesley Roy – “I’m Gone, I’m Going” (MarsPhoenix)
  • Opiate for the Masses – “Burn You Down” (MarsPhoenix)++

++ This track includes an optional challenge version of the song — to use it, remove the songs.dta and burnyoudown_plus.mid files and rename the .oc files to songs.dta and burnyoudown_plus.mid.

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