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January 16, 2015 – Paul McCartney megapack and Winter Crescent!

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C3 releases for January 16, 2015:
New! Paul McCartney C01 10-pack (farottone)

  • Paul McCartney – “Beautiful Night”
  • Paul McCartney – “Biker Like an Icon”
  • Paul McCartney – “Hope of Deliverance”
  • Paul McCartney – “If You Wanna”
  • Paul McCartney – “My Brave Face”
  • Paul McCartney – “Put It There”
  • Paul McCartney – “Rough Ride”
  • Paul McCartney – “Souvenir”
  • Paul McCartney – “The Song We Were Singing”
  • Paul McCartney – “We Got Married”

New! Battle of Egos Album Completion 4-pack (Arcanon)

  • Winter Crescent – “Furrow” 2x M
  • Winter Crescent – “Lost in Dreams” 2x M
  • Winter Crescent – “My Last Will” 2x M
  • Winter Crescent – “Winter Crescent” 2x M

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass charts, a blue M denotes full multitracks, a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals), and a rusty 2x denotes that a 2x Bass Pedal version is also available. FtV denotes a song previously released by a C3 author outside of C3.

Sir James Paul McCartney, one of music’s most influential figures, is probably a safe bet for a megapack release, right? Right. I mean, we could do a ten-pack of Hatebeak, but I think you’d prefer this. Wouldn’t you? Wait, really? There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.
This week’s release covers some of the legend’s greatest solo hits from the midpoint of his career, after Wings but before today. These ten songs from Flowers in the Dirt, Off the Ground, and Flaming Pie span eight years and all five instruments, and are sure hits for Beatles fans, solo McCartney fans, and everyone else. We’ve also got four songs from RBN artist Winter Crescent, to finish off the Battle of Egos album (whose first three songs are still available in the 360’s Music Store). Prog-alicious!
Authors’ comments for this week’s songs:

  • Paul McCartney C01 – farottone writes, “This pack is composed of songs from 3 McCartney albums that are very dear to me and my wife, the 3 studio album released between 1989 and 1997.Flowers in the Dirt is in fact the first album I ever owned on CD, my dad bought it for me on a business trip. It’s a great album with very diverse tracks, including the light jazz/fusion infused Rough Ride and the most popular hit My Brave Face. There’s plenty of reasons to play songs off this album, including a good sax part in Rough Ride and solid guitar in We Got Married.Off the Ground offers Hope of Deliverance and Biker Like an Icon. The former is a cool song to sing along, and Biker Like an Icon is actually a very good song for guitar players who want not necessarily a challenge but a great part to play. The 170 BPM drums should prove compelling for people who like a fast pace.Flaming Pie is a very organic album with a great sound and very, very diverse songs. If You Wanna is just great for guitar players with a lot of mini solos. Souvenir is a great song to sing, reminiscent in some way of She’s So Heavy. The Song We Were Singing is a cool “campfire” song that makes for easy singalongs. Beautiful Night features a very good guitar solo and some engaging drums when the song switches pace.
    Considering that these albums didn’t carry many of the classic songs that made McCartney famous it wouldn’t surprise me if not many people knew them but they make for a good Rock Band experience and they also remind us that there are great McCartney songs in the Rock Band music store that just received new life from Harmonix
  • Battle of Egos tracks – Arcanon writes, “There will be a waning crescent moon tonight and this weekend, and it’s winter, so this is the perfect album to play! Winter Crescent is one of the heaviest prog metal bands to come from Greece. They love their music as much as they love their fans. They really wanted to share their entire album through RBN, so they were more than happy to let the songs that didn’t make it come out through C3! If you like these songs and you have an Xbox 360, go to the RBN store and buy ‘Battle of Egos Intro,’ ‘Battle of Egos Part I’ and ‘Battle of Egos Part II’ to complete the album!

See you next Friday!

New! Paul McCartney C01 10-pack

New! Battle of Egos 4-pack

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

Download 2x Bass Pedal version

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  1. Thank you Master Farottone, I have never listen to Paul McCartney songs or not familiar at all but I will be more than happy to download them and give them a try for sure. Thank you as always for your time and effort sir, I Hope you bring more 80’s classics in the future.

  2. Thanks a lot for Paul’s pack 😀
    I’m looking forward for a second pack with some of this songs :
    -Flaming pie
    -C’mon people
    -Moonkberry moon delight
    -The Mess
    -No more lonely nights
    -Pipes of peace
    -My valentine
    -Coming up
    -Here today
    -Fine line
    It’s just an idea , or a pack from Wings over america would be awesome too :B

  3. I’m finally getting around to grabbing the McCartney tracks, based entirely on Mr. Farottone’s description, as I’ve never heard of any of them before. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even play some of them!

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