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The Twelve Days of Customs 2014, Day Ten


Day ten’s song is from our diligent video guy, Lowlander!
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Hey, I’m Lowlander2, and I was arguably one of the first real fanboys of C3. Once American Pie was released, I believe I stumbled upon C3 through Pikminguts posting about it on Twitter, and I was hooked instantly. The idea of the game still receiving weekly content made me very happy, as I have been playing Rock Band since it came out in Australia (which was one year late…). So I tuned in every Friday night to see what was coming out. It wasn’t quite like HMX never left the DLC game, but it was close enough that I could not have been happier.
So similar-feeling was it to HMX DLC that I took up what Elison had been doing for the prior three years: posting all-instruments playthroughs of the C3 catalogue. Much of it was random, but every so often when I saw what came out, I just had to drop everything and record then and there, most notably the Cyndi Lauper pack and Halloween. I also remember receiving actual hype for the Weird Al chart videos. Sadly, earlier this year, copyright claims finally caught up to the channel, and so they are lost to the annals of YouTube. But I had a hell of a time simply following C3 by that point that I decided to try and join last December. By some of the comments I read, I got the impression I might have been asked to join and produce the videos once Nemo left either way, but here I am.
While it took me a long time to get my first song out, I feel like I’ve already added quite a bit to the broad RB library. My first real song (Spongebob doesn’t count) was Fire Water Burn, a highly popular but ultimately very simple song. From then on, I did a thirty second TV show theme, an acoustic ballad, a novelty song from Tony Hawk, some myriad GH converts, and a whole bunch of collaborations with both Colonel32dll and Mazegeek. And now?
I chose to do Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here because it’s probably the last of the most massive Pink Floyd songs that hasn’t been attempted in a big capacity, and it’s an absolute classic in every sense. Rock Band, in general, wants for songs with riffs this brilliant, moods this melancholy and instrument synchronicity this great. It has a decent shot at being one of the best songs of all time, and I truly hope you all enjoy it.
While it took me a while to gather my momentum, expect many big things from my contributions to C3 in 2015. Who knows? I might even have a few full albums planned!

(Remember, this is just a reveal; all of the songs will be released together on December 25. Check back tomorrow for another awesome song!)

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