USB Drive suddenly doesn’t register?

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      Greetings all. I just managed to get into Customs about a week ago, and I can’t begin to say how excited I am that there is a dedicated group looking to keep this community going, providing awesome content that must take hours to make. I pretty much nearly crapped my pants in excitement, especially when I learned that Friday announcements continue to be a thing (I call it DLCmas).


      Unfortunately I am having an issue. I managed to successfully go through the double USB drive process successfully, and downloaded all the customs I could get my greedy virtual hands on. I was then able to get into the customs in the game no problem…until tonight. All of a sudden, when I put the Customs USB drive into the 360, it just doesn’t register. As in, the system doesn’t see it, at all.


      When I explored the drive with Party Buffalo, there was initially nothing there, but after reinserting it, I can see that the songs are still there. Tried again in the XBOX 360 — nothing.


      What the heck is going on, and how do I get the 360 to detect the USB drive?


      Things to keep in mind:

      -As I said, I already successfully opened customs from that USB the previous nights.

      -I did already initialize the USB, so that it would work with the XBOX360.

      -I tested another USB stick, with T.U. 4 and dozens of customs on it…and those detect, no problem.


      Suggestions will be highly appreciated!




        If the Xbox doesn’t pick up the stick, I suppose it’s time for formatting it. If you can’t even move out profiles, cache, etc. that sucks but I don’t see a way around this.


          I figured that would probably be the case…but how? The XBOX literally can’t see the drive, so it can’t reformat. My computer registers it – I guess I can try reformatting it from there.


          I’m just concerned about the prospect of this happening again – that was my largest USB drive and putting those songs on took a lot of work (especially since I hit the 256 song bug and had to copy songs between drives to get them all on).


          If this is likely to happen again, it makes me reconsider not putting the customs on my hard drive. If I were to put them on my HD and still use USB sticks that had the appropriate title updates, but just remembered not to play any of the customs while online, would that be enough to avoid any potential problems?


          Thanks for your attention. And thanks again for all the customs wizardry you guys do.


            I’m gonna say it once again: never had any issues with 256+ songs on a stick. I would play around with Horizon and Party Buffalo to see if anything changes. Also, yes, you can reformati it on the PC, however, make sure you try a different USB port on your Xbox, just in case… Good luck!


              Okay, I will give it a shot. Thanks for the quick reply!

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