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    Not sure how much of a following they have or how well-known they are here, but I would absolutely kill to see some of The Gaslight Anthem’s songs on RB. Those of you who don’t necessarily know who they are, you’ve probably heard

    on the radio.


    Awhile back their old label had plans to put two of their older (and IMO, slightly better) songs on the rock band network (I believe this was back before RBN 2.0):

    and Old White Lincoln. They got as far as playtesting, from my understanding, before they disappeared and nobody has heard of them since. :ohdear:


    I would absolutely kill to see even a single Gaslight Anthem song in RB, and I would even make it myself if I had the slightest clue how to do it. The biggest issue seems to be that I’ve googled and cannot find multitracks of their songs, but I also don’t know the first thing about searching for them. Anyone interested? :dance:


      45 is awesome. Would love to see it someday.


      I remember those two tracks. Think I playtested them at one point. Still super disappointed they never got anywhere. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_frown.gif” />


      Love Gaslight Anthem. Would be stoked to play anything from them, especially if it was from The ’59 Sound or American Slang.


      I know that there is a thread about them, but it’s been inactive for a couple years, so I thought I would bring it back for consideration. I went with three songs from each album, and gave reasons for each choice.


      Sink or Swim

      1930-engaging drums and fun sounding vocals with good lyrics, including an interesting sigh break


      I’da Called You Woody,Joe-This is the most recognizable song off the album. There’s potential for some fun harmonies, and it has a big chorus.


      We’re Getting a Divorce, You Keep the Diner-same energy with a slower pace, good guitar parts, and a tonal shift with great singalong potential.


      Upon seeing how long this ended up, I’ll keep each album as its own reply at this point.


      The 59 Sound


      Great Expectations-simple but fun drums, great lyrics, and a humming section for the vocalist


      The 59 Sound-it’s a given. Perfectly well rounded song with something for everyone.


      Even Cowgirls Get the Blues- my favorite from the album, it’s a great guitar driven ballad.


      American Slang


      American Slang-good guitar riffs, bouncy drums, and great harmonies during the chorus


      The Diamond Church Street Choir-a fairly different feel from the other songs, with really fun vocals and harmonies (albeit a little faint)


      The Spirit of Jazz-really smooth, fluid song with a good chorus


      Actually it’s better if you keep it to one thread, easier to organize that way for me. Merged the threads

      Actually it’s better if you keep it to one thread, easier to organize that way for me. Merged the threads

      Sorry about that, I was sure I would do (or was doing) something wrong. Thanks.




      “45”-too fun not to have. Really varied guitar, and a fantastic chorus with harmonies.


      Here Comes My Man-a simple, bouncy song with a singalong type vocal hook, again with faint harmonies


      Mulholland Drive-a great guitar driven song with a great chorus, great lyrics, and a challenging outro on guitar.


      Honorable mention

      Mae-beautiful laid back song. I’m cheating, but I just had to mention it.


      Thanks to Nighmare Lyra for fixing my mistake. Let me know if anything else needs changed, or if I do something stupid.


      Get Hurt


      1,000 Years-a fun slower song with a heavier chorus and prominent bass


      Stray Paper-good drums and more heartfelt and strained vocals


      Selected Poems-a more mid tempo song. I can’t find too much to actually say about it, but I’d love to see it.


      If you actually read all of that, thank you. I’m done rambling now, just wanted to give thorough potential talking points.


        I have something from these guys coming very soon!

        I have something from these guys coming very soon!

        Metric and Gaslight Anthem? I think I like you. Any hint? (I don’t know if you can reply directly to someone)


          Ha ha, thanks. The Metric song may not be out for a bit, but Gaslight will be out probably in the next week.

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