The Dismemberment Plan

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      The Plan is one group I’ve wanted to author for RBN for a while, and going by the old requests standings on Rock Band World a surprising number of people agreed. But, because of age and other factors, the band couldn’t put Rock Band-quality stems together. The best they got is the stuff on their remix page, which frequently lacks drums and universally lacks mastering.


      No matter. We’ll do customs.


      Below are all the songs on their remix page (I suck at pitch even with things separate, so I’m not gonna try and tackle songs without stems). Feel free to vote on preferences, and when I finish my RBN obligations I’ll see about getting cracking on these based on that.


      From Emergency & I:

      A Life of Possibilities

      What Do You Want Me to Say?

      The Jitters

      The City


      From Change:

      The Face of the Earth


      Pay for the Piano

      Secret Curse

      Following Through

      Time Bomb

      The Other Side

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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