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    i want

    The Bends

    Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    Planet Telex

    Anything from Pablo Honey

    Fake Plastic Trees


    these would be awesome to play!

    Sid Kafizz

      Karma Police!

      Karma Police!

      Hell yeah that would be great too!


      I would cry tears of joy if I woke up on a Friday and seen any of these songs posted.



      “Paranoid Android”

      “Let Down”


      “How to Disappear Completely”



      And just for fun…


      “Pop is Dead”


      Dont forget Just! That would be fun as hell of guitar!


      Yes, any Radiohead!


      For the newer stuff:


      Knives Out

      Where I end and you begin

      A Wolf at the Door

      Jigsaw falling into place


      All I need

      Lotus Flower

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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