Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know v1 (updated 5/30)

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      hi guys.

      time for me to create one of these I suppose. This is for


      As made famous by Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know.


      Why a cover? The original was recorded specifically for the movie Eurotrip, and all the copies I heard sounded muddy. I found this great cover (a la Wavegroup) with all stems that sounded even better than the original to me, so I went with this. It’s not a classic or anything, so I don’t think it’ll offend many.


      Vocals / Harmonies

      – tempo map and harmonies were done by Espher. I finalized the harmonies, combined them into Vocals, and altered the tempo map because it threw off the instruments. my only concern here is after measure 110 since that’s where I had to mess with the tempo map. I tried adjusting the charts done by Espher to match the new map, so let me know if I did ok.



      – done entirely by hand, but already checked and fixed up by farottone, so I’m fairly confident



      – done by hand more than I like, since the midis I found were for the original and the covers also vary ever so slightly. fixed up by Pikminguts92, so I’m happy with it as is (now) but check it out, see what you think



      – this was about 50% by hand, 50% off the midi. i’m fairly confident except in a the transitions from one chord to the other (the 1/32nds) and the intro to the solo. Pikminguts92 fixed up the parts I wasn’t confident on, but check it out, let me know.



      – nothing unless YOU bring up something! yay!






      Updated RPP (05/30):


      this is for May 31 so I would appreciate feedback promptly, as I can’t leave things for the last minute due to my unpredictable schedule starting that week.


        I’ll probably give this another scrubbing pass on vox sometime this week.



          For the most part, the guitar track looked good. I made a couple of changes though.


          78.1.00-80.1.00 Switched gems so that the less-muted chord has more notes. The RBN docs don’t mention palm-muted chords so I can’t say for sure what’s technically correct.


          84.1.00 (Beginning of solo) Removed chords and replaced them with single notes and spaced them out to match guitar stem.




            pikminguts updated guitar/bass so going to pull the downloads from the OP for the meantime while I update the song.


              updated OP to include new version with the fixes to guitar and bass made by Pikminguts92.


     this rpp has lower difficulties


                awesome! tomorrow afternoon I’ll update with lower difficulties and the venue track <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


                  alrighty, with titln and pikminguts92’s help, Scotty Doesn’t Know v1 is up for downloading/recording. i’ll playtest tonight, but unless I find any issues or anyone brings up any issues here, this is my submission for the week of 05/31.


                    Emergency “oh God what was I thinking” fix. RPP only.




                    Fixes my broken-ass HARM3 note (YOU CAN TOTALLY DO A NON-TALKY THAT GOES INTO A +# RIGHT LOL?) where I forgot to talkie a lyric, and tweaks two or three other note tubing issues. Realistically this probably needs another bigger pass but hey we’ll release a v2 at some point when I get around to it.


                      updated the song file, same link ready for release with espher’s fixes and pikminguts’ note that my preview time was not set. now it is! :excited:


                      i like these smilies :dance:

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