HELP C3 Tools – Quick DTA Editor not working anymore

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      Hey all,

      I’m not sure what happened, maybe my notepad application updated, but I am unable to edit songs in the “Quick DTA Editor”. Whenever I made adjustments, I used to be able to click X to exit and save the CON file. Now whenever I do that, it doesn’t ask me to save, it just closes. When I try loading the CON again, it opens a new notepad tab and the song isn’t updated. When I close the tab I get the message saying “temp.dta has been modified on disk. Do you want to restore its previous changes in Notepad or reload a new version?” with the options saying “Restore Changes” “Restore all files” and “Reload new version”.

      Any help here? I like using this to adjust preview song times, track ordering for albums, etc. So it kinda stinks this doesn’t work for me now. Thanks!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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